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Electric fly killers are increasingly being sought after by homeowners and businesses alike. Places, where flies and insects go, can effectively lower their presence using appliances specifically designed to safely and sanitarily kill them.

Sure, one can use sprays and other repellants, but there are additional steps you need to make when applying these. Clearing the room of people so as not to hurt them is a reason why these anti-insect sprays aren’t usually the best solution against flies. It also has a limit on its effectivity especially in open spaces whenever you have outdoor events.

Electric fly killers can address all these concerns and add more benefits for you, your family, and your visitors.

Fly Killer Machines For Home and Business 

Electric Fly Killers

Nothing can hamper the fun you’re having while spending with your family than having pesky flies and insects around. Parties and other celebrations can also be easily interfered with by these flying pests especially when there’s food and drinks around. A fly killer machine would make a good companion for times like these. They’re also typically easy to operate that’s why it's simple to keep flies away if you have them.

After usage, it’s also important that you can dispose of the insects in a quick and hygienic way. QBIC ensures that the products in its stores incorporate this feature to help make your experience more convenient. Cleaning the whole unit should also be easy to do since it may be exposed to a lot of insects during the whole time it is used.

If you own a business in the food industry, your patrons may also benefit from having an electric fly killer in your location. Especially for those who love dining outside. Giving 

your customers the best experience in your restaurant includes making their seats free from insects.

Compact Insect Killer

Compact 15 Insect Killer

Not everyone has wide and spacious rooms that’s why some people prefer having appliances that do not take up too much space. If you’re someone who likes small spaces or just has a love for compact appliances, then QBIC Heating’s line of fly killers can surely help you out.

You can check out the Insect-A-Clear Compact 15 Fly Killer in our store as an option if you want a slim insect killer that is still huge in performance. This appliance is manufactured in the UK to ensure its quality. It also uses white zintec steel for its exterior to have improved machinability, durability, and keep them rust-free for years.

The brand also created this using their Slimline Design to make it fit most small spaces. If you have a room with an area of 30 sqm. To 40 sqm., this can be the perfect

 fly killer for you. 

You also have the option to use shatter-resistant bulbs. These can be helpful if accidents occur and the bulb breaks - the plastic coating will catch pieces of glass to keep them from falling off. This feature is best for people who will use fly killers inside kitchens.

Safe Fly Killers

QBIC Heating’s goal is not only to give a wide range of well-known brands to our customers. We also prioritize safety and would only want you to purchase insect killers that are safe for use around your family or your customers.

Most of our electric fly killers are designed to be operated for long periods of time. Some can even be turned on 24/7. After all, nobody can accurately predict when flies and other insects come. 

Although, there are some months that insects are more prone to come out and fly around your area. That’s why it’s important to have an anti-insect appliance that can be use

d for several consecutive days.

Easy To Service Insect Killer

T50 Electric Fly Killer

It can be daunting trying to repair fly killer units especially if you’re not the handy type of person. Having to work around and use tools just to dismantle the whole unit might not be something you want to do. To ease things up, some of the units we have in our store are designed to be serviced in a quick an

d easy way.

The T50 Fly Killer is an example of a unit we have that has tool-free servicing. All you need to do is open the quick-release guard with just one push and you’ll already have access to its interior. 

If you want to clean its high tension grid, you may also do so. It can be easily removed from its housing so you can wipe it free of any dust and other foreign objects.

This unit also comes with an anti-shatter circular lamp which is why it can be used in kitchens, restaurants, and fast-food outlets.

It comes in a simple and clean design with a brushed satin color. To keep the exterior free from rust for a longer time, it’s been manufactured using powder-co

ated steel. Its construction and the quality of materials used are also held to a high standard since its manufactured in the UK.

You also have several options when it comes to the mounting of this unit. Depending on the space available for your fly killer, you can have it suspended from a ceiling to keep it away from peoples’ line of sight. If you have space, you can also opt to mount it on the wall. Or if you want, you can just have it free standing. 

What To Look For In An Electric Fly Killer

To help you out in your search, here are two things you need to 

look out for when buying an electric fly killer:

Size of your space

Each model has an effective coverage range which can tell you how wide an insect killer can be of use. Some models are only usable for a 30 sqm. Room. While there are also some that can go as big as 100 sqm. or more.


Ceiling Mounted Glue Board Fly Killer

So as not to clash with the look of your room, it would be best if you check the design of the insect killer you want to buy. Our range of electric fly killers has several colors, materials, sizes, and design options that will certainly tick off every kind of room aesthetic our customers have.

Type of Fly Killer

Restaurant Glue Board Fly Catcher

There are two major types of fly killers you can purchase depending on your usage. You can either purchase an electric fly killer or a glue board one. They are similar in that they both use UV lamps in attracting insects. The major difference between the two is their method of giving the final blow to the insects.

If you are going to install a fly killer inside establishments where hygiene is important, glue board fly killers might be more appropriate. They tend to be more subtle and discreet in killing since you won’t hear a zapping sound. Flies and other insects just stick to the glue board inside. However, these types of insect killers need frequent cleaning and changing of the glue board once it's all used up.

Electric fly killers on the other hand do not require frequent maintenance and are easier to keep clean. But because they use electricity to kill insects, these might not be the best choice for kitchens, restaurants, and other commercial area where food contamination is being avoided.


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