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  1. Dimplex 3kW Over Door Heater Bluetooth Control
    Dimplex 3kW Over Door Heater Bluetooth Control
    • Over Door Heater 
    • 1.5/3.0 kW Heat Output 
    • Lot 20 Compliant 
    • 7 Day Timer 
    • Adjustable Airflow
    Original Price £399.60 Special Price £369.50 £307.92
  2. Dimplex Concealed Bluetooth Control Heater
    Dimplex Concealed Bluetooth Control Heater
    • Concealed Heater 
    • Energy Saving Adaptive Start Technology
    • Electronic Thermostat
    • 3kW
    • Bluetooth Control
    Original Price £535.51 Special Price £499.68 £416.40
  3. Dimplex 3kW Over Door Heater
    Dimplex 3kW Over Door Heater
    • Adjustable Airflow 
    • Full Heat, Half Heat, Fan Only Settings 
    • Curved Style
    • 3kW Heat Output
    Original Price £272.88 Special Price £231.95 £193.29
  4. Dimplex 4.50kW Over Door Heater
    Dimplex 4.50kW Over Door Heater
    • 4.5kW Heat Output 
    • Adjustable Airflow 
    • Full Heat, Half Heat, Fan Only Settings 
    • Curved Style
    Original Price £312.58 Special Price £288.07 £240.06
  5. Dimplex 6.00kW Over Door Heater
    Dimplex 6.00kW Over Door Heater
    • Adjustable Airflow 
    • Full Heat, Half Heat, Fan Only Settings
    • 6kW Heat Output
    • 3 Heat Settings
    Original Price £501.66 Special Price £468.11 £390.09
  6. Dimplex Commercial Air Barrier Ambient
    Out of stock
    Dimplex Commercial Air Barrier Ambient
    • Adjustable Air Discharge 
    • Minimises Energy Costs 
    • Electronically Controlled 
    • Suitable For 1m, 1.5m and 2m Door Widths
    £910.66 £758.88
  7. Consort SL High Level Wireless Fan Heater
    Consort SL High Level Wireless Fan Heater
    • 3kW Fan Heater 
    • LED indicator light
    • Automatic safety cut-out
    • Finished in white.
    • Wall Mounted 
    £232.85 £194.04
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Air Curtain Heaters

Retail outlets and restaurants have significant heating requirements. Even if you have central heating, with your doors open you are losing the heat through your doors. Air curtain heaters are a fantastic way of keeping the warm air inside whilst having your doors open for business.

Air Curtain Heater

Often referred to as an electric fan heater, the air curtain heater provides you with a constant flow of air over your doorway. This air curtain prevents the cool or warm air from escaping from your premises. This maintains the environment pleasant and comfortable. The air curtain heaters have been designed to keep you warm and cozy in your shop front or restaurant.

The power ratings of the air curtain heaters in our range give freedom of choice. Rated from 3kW to 6kW you can keep your shop warm no matter the size. You have the choice between wall mounted electric heater or a recessed roof-mounted unit. One of the most convenient aspects of these electric heaters is the powerful and effective heating of your space.

Restaurant Air Curtain

Mounted above your doorway, these air curtain heaters will not only make your shop inviting by having the doors open. But will keep the inside at a constant comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside. The Dimplex electric heater also gives you the ability to set it to half heat or fan only for warmer days.

To give you more freedom in your shop, most of the models in our catalog have a remote control. You can choose between Bluetooth or wireless remote. Also, you have options with a 7-day timer to keep your retail room or office warmed perfectly. The air curtain heaters also have a thermostatically controlled activation. This lets you set the temperature and the heater will control when it activates. Giving you control over the energy consumption as well.

Air Curtain Heaters FAQ

What is an air curtain heater?

These heating devices are commonly found in commercial spaces such as shopping malls and retail outlets. They are installed as an overhead heater that gently blows air onto people walking inside an establishment. This is intended to keep establishments warm and cosy, especially during the cold winter days.

The reason why commercial establishments are the most common users of air curtain heaters is that they have a high heating requirement. Because of this, there’s a high chance that cold air can easily come into the building through the door, which usually remains open for customers. Having an air curtain heater can help prevent this.

Can I use air curtain heaters in my home?

Yes, you can definitely use air curtain heaters in your own place. They are an excellent way of making your home a more welcoming and warm place. You’ll get the most out of air curtain heaters if you have a spacious house and live somewhere cold most days of the year. It can also make the visit of friends and close relatives better since they’ll be welcomed by a gentle sheet of warm air as they enter your home.

Entrances such as doors will also have climate protection. This means that no matter how low the temperature is outside, there’s a far lesser chance that it can affect the warmth of your living space.

Do air curtains keep flies out?

While air curtain heaters aren’t primarily designed against flies and other insects, the blast of air in your doorway can definitely help keep them out. This is why commercial spaces need to have air curtain heaters to help make their space sanitary. The chances of flies coming into their place is higher because their doors and other entryways are open most of the time.

If you also have open entryways in your home, you can also opt to install an air curtain heater in your home.

What is the purpose of air curtain heaters?

Air curtain heaters are an excellent way in keeping the temperature of any establishment free from the influences of external weather factors. The blast of warm air creates an “invisible door” on your entryways and helps keep warmth inside your home or building. 

Because of this, you can save your heaters and radiators from unnecessary wear and tear due to frequent heavy usage. Consequently, you can also save money from electric bills especially if the design of your building or home has an open entryway for whatever reason. However, if you have excellent insulation in your home (closed doors and windows and insulated walls), having a high-quality radiator might suffice.

How big should my air curtain heater be?

Since air curtain heaters aren’t mainly designed to heat up an entire room, their power rating shouldn’t matter that much. What you need to see is if they got a powerful enough fan to create the “invisible door” of air in your doors and other entryways where you want to install them.

Do air curtains save energy?

Yes, they do. Especially if you have a huge area that requires heating all day long and is intended to have its door or other entryways open. Testing shows that air curtain heaters can keep cold air from getting inside a given space. Because of this, your electricity-powered heaters won’t work as much since the temperature inside its space will be kept at a certain level for a long time.

Its energy-saving features can be more highlighted if you have an electric heater that comes with an automatic temperature detector. These heaters usually adjust their heat output when it senses that temperatures are continually dropping. Consequently, this will increase the energy it consumes in the long run.

Are air curtains only for temperature control?

While air curtain heaters are mainly designed and used for temperature control inside a certain establishment, they can also have other purposes. Most models come with half heat or fan-only settings to keep their energy consumption low. This can be helpful if you’re located somewhere warmer during some months of the year.

This is because you no longer have to use their heat as much as when the weather is cold.

How do you install air curtain heaters?

There are two major ways you can mount an air curtain heater in your place. Some units can are designed to be wall-mounted. There are also some recessed roof-mounted that differ slightly in the position where you’d install them, however, they still work the same and have the same level of effectiveness in keeping your place warm.

How do you control air curtain heaters?

Most air curtain heaters come with remote controls that help you change the settings of your air curtain heaters with ease. They either come with Bluetooth connectivity or the traditional wireless remote control that uses infrared.