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  1. De'Longhi Fivy Oil Filled Electric Radiator
    De'Longhi Fivy Oil Filled Electric Radiator
    • IP24 Rated
    • Child secure, low surface temperature
    • 24hr 7 day programmer
    • Touch remote control included 
    • Heavy duty wall fixing kit included
    As low as £282.00 £235.00
  2. Igenix 2kW PTC Downflow Wall Fan Heater White
    Igenix 2kW PTC Downflow Wall Fan Heater White
    • LED Display Panel 
    • 2 Heat Settings
    • Fan/Warm/Hot Wind for Selection
    • 24 hr Timer
    • Overheating Protector
    £85.79 £71.49
  3. Burgate Optimyst Electric Stove
    Burgate Optimyst Electric Stove
    • 2 Heat Settings
    • Remote Control
    • Freestanding
    • Thermostat
    Original Price £800.00 Special Price £598.80 £499.00
  4. Tansun RIO IP 1.5kW Outdoor Heater
    Tansun RIO IP 1.5kW Outdoor Heater
    • Domestic/Commercial
    • IP Rated Waterproof
    • Economical
    • Low Glare
    Original Price £198.00 Special Price £178.20 £148.50
  5. Oakhurst Opti-myst Electric Stove
    Oakhurst Opti-myst Electric Stove
    • Medium-sized electric stove
    • Classic black finish
    • Unique Opti-myst effect
    • Realistic log fuel bed
    Original Price £700.00 Special Price £549.00 £457.50
  6. SunHouse SSHE Storage Heaters
    SunHouse SSHE Storage Heaters
    • Complies with Lot20 of ERP Directive
    • 7 day timer
    • Low running costs
    • Open window detection
    As low as £478.58 £398.82
  7. Dimplex Kingsley Deluxe Optiflame Freestanding Fire
    Dimplex Kingsley Deluxe Optiflame Freestanding Fire
    • Unique Optiflame flame effect
    • 2kW heat output
    • Two heat settings
    • Variable flame brightness


    As low as £288.00 £240.00
  8. Sunhouse Thermostatic Tubular Heater
    Sunhouse Thermostatic Tubular Heater
    • 40W - 240W Outputs available
    • 1.5m supply cable fitted with plug
    • Built in, auto-reset safety cut-out
    • Thermostatically controlled
    • Linking kit available
    As low as £20.99 £17.49
  9. Dimplex OFX Oil Filled Radiator
    Out of stock
    Dimplex OFX Oil Filled Radiator
    • Energy efficient electric heater
    • Ideal for background or full heating
    • Cable and fitted plug supplied
    • Built in Thermostat
    • Willow White
    £170.06 £141.72
  10. Ducasa Avant DGS Electric Radiator
    Ducasa Avant DGS Electric Radiator
    • Power compensation
    • Lot 20 compliant
    • Open Window Sensor
    • Tamper proof
    As low as £286.63 £238.86
  11. De'Longhi Alu Oil Filled Aluminium Electric Radiator
    De'Longhi Alu Oil Filled Aluminium Electric Radiator
    • IP Rated electric heater
    • Child safety setting
    • Night Eco mode setting
    • Antifreeze setting fixed at 7C
    • Open window sensor 
    • Lot 20 compliant
    As low as £334.80 £279.00
  12. Levante Slimline Digital Panel Heater
    Levante Slimline Digital Panel Heater
    • Slimline Design suitable for dwarf walls
    • 24/7 Day Digital Control
    • Open window Function
    • Overheat Protection
    As low as £108.48 £90.40
  13. Dimplex Wall Bracket
    Dimplex Wall Bracket
    • Wall Kit
    • Designed for Dimplex Convector Heaters
    • Heater available separately
    £17.58 £14.65
  14. Tansun Sorrento IP Low Glare 1.5kW Outdoor Heater
    Tansun Sorrento IP Low Glare 1.5kW Outdoor Heater
    • High quality
    • Modular design
    • Robust/Commercial
    • IP Rated Waterproof
    Original Price £225.00 Special Price £202.50 £168.75
  15. Hylite Tubular Heaters
    Hylite Tubular Heaters
    • Ideal for a range of places
    • Reliable
    • 25% less energy
    • 1ft-6ft Available
    • IP55
    • Economical
    As low as £15.04 £12.53
  16. Dimplex Braemar Optiflame Electric Inset Fire
    Dimplex Braemar Optiflame Electric Inset Fire
    • Optiflame 3D effect 
    • Adjustable flame intensity 
    • Fuel bed 
    • 2kW heat output
    As low as £499.00 £415.83
  17. Consort SLTI Programmable 7 Day Timer and Thermostat
    Out of stock
    Consort SLTI Programmable 7 Day Timer and Thermostat
    • Wireless Run-Back Timer &  AdjustableThermostat
    • Choice of 3 Time Periods
    • Temperature Control
    • Operates Multiple SL Heaters
    £63.37 £52.81
  18. Sunhouse Panel Heaters Eco
    Sunhouse Panel Heaters Eco
    • Thermostat Controlled 
    • 7 Day Timer 
    • Simple To Use Controls 
    • Splashproof
    • Engery Saving 
    • Adaptive Start
    As low as £167.48 £139.57
  19. Dimplex Upright Fan Heater
    Dimplex Upright Fan Heater
    • Powerful fan heater
    • 2kW or 3kW heat output
    • 2 heat settings with cool air option
    • Safety overheat protection
    • 3 year guarantee
    As low as £41.66 £34.72
  20. AirVent Energy Efficient Panel Heater
    AirVent Energy Efficient Panel Heater
    • Silent Operation 
    • IP24 Rated 
    • 24 hour on/off timer 
    • Temperature setting of 5°C - 30°C
    • Lot 20 compliant
    As low as £92.35 £76.96
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Electric Heaters

One of the best ways to heat up your home is with Electric Heaters. They are safe and economical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our range of electric heaters gives you the freedom of warmth and comfort in your home. Whether you want a heater to warm your bathroom or a heating unit for your living room. QBIC Heating has all the Electric Heaters you need in the UK.

Electric Wall Heaters

So many of our valued customers are looking for electric heaters in all shapes and sizes. We have ensured that we have the most comprehensive range of full electric heaters in our catalog. For your convenience, we have also added a heating calculator that will help you define the size of the heater that you need.

Our range of products covers every type of space heating requirement that you might have. In our catalog, you will find electric panel heaters to circulate the cold air through the panel heating elements to give you a constant flow of warm air throughout the room. Also, with no fans driving the air and dust particles these heaters are great for silent heating and offer great benefits to asthma sufferers. Great for any room or space!

Electric Panel Heaters

We also have a wide range of portable electric radiators, oil, and fan option. On a cold winter night, what’s better than taking your heat with you as you move from the lounge to the bedroom. Nothing Much! Warmth is almost instant as your electric fan heater gives you instant warm air. A small electric heater is a convenient way to warm your feet on a chilly evening. Likewise, electric oil heaters give you fantastic power economy with the perfect all-day temperature control and safe heating for superior comfort.

Electric storage heaters, the ultimate in power economy. These energy-saving heaters give you fantastic room heating and superior power-saving technology. In other words, Energy Saving Electric Heating at its Best! The Dimplex electric heater range makes your life simple with 7 day fully programmable heating settings. Set it up once and then enjoy the constant heat with great energy savings. If you are looking for electric wall heaters, you have a choice between panel heaters and the excellent storage heaters in our range.

Electric Tube Heater

You could also choose from our tube heaters, each specially designed for use in smaller spaces but works just as well in large rooms. These heaters offer water splash protection and can be used in bathrooms and even outside sheds. A tube heater makes a perfect electric bathroom heater for this reason.

For your kitchen or stairway, we have plinth heaters. Discreetly fits these units in your kick space to warm your rooms, perfectly suited for commercial and residential use. When it comes to electric wall mounted heaters, plinth heaters are some of the best. They are perfect for large rooms that don’t have sufficient wall space for larger format heating. Maintain the heat in the kitchen with the small profile plinth heaters in our range.

For an amazing heating solution for your Retail spaces, our air curtain heaters offer great economy and aesthetically pleasing mounting options. Great heating solution for larger areas like showrooms. With powerful fans, these electric space heaters will warm up your working area or even keep your retail shop warm and welcoming.

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

Similarly, for those looking for a unique dual heating experience, radiant heaters give twice the warm feeling. You get the heat from the elements and you get the eye-pleasing warm glow as well. Radiant heaters are one of the most energy efficient electric heaters on the market. They make great space heaters and are easily moved to where you need the heat.

Or, install one of our Electric Fires in your lounge and enjoy a warm winter night sitting in front of the fire with your family. An Electric Fire gives you great power economy and soothing fireplace aesthetics for special occasions. A fireplace is a wonderful meeting place. Imagine having a romantic evening with your special person in front of the fireplace. Now think of that evening without the worry of smoke or feeding the fireplace! That is what electric fireplace heaters bring your life!

So, if you are looking for the best electric heater for your home, QBIC Heating has the perfect electric heater for you. No matter your needs or room size, you are in the right place.

To find the perfect electric heater for your room try our Heat Calculator

Electric Heaters FAQ

Can you put electric heaters on the carpet?

Since electric heaters don’t use real fire to warm your place, it’s generally safe to put them on top of the carpet and other flooring materials. Just make sure that no part of the carpet touches the components of your electric heater to avoid any instances of damaging your carpet.

What are some common types of heaters?

There are multiple types of heaters including convection heaters, infrared heaters, fan heaters, oil-filled heaters, and heat pumps.

How efficient are electric heaters?

Electric heaters are generally very efficient in converting energy to heat. Virtually all the electricity they use is converted directly into heat.

What is the best type of heater for a small room?

Infrared heaters are often a good choice for small rooms, as they heat up quickly and are typically very efficient.

How can I reduce my heating bill in the winter?

Insulation, sealing drafts, using a programmable thermostat, regular maintenance of your heating system, and only heating rooms that are in use can all help to reduce your heating bill.