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Storage Heaters

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  1. Dimplex Quantum Energy System
    Dimplex Quantum Energy System
    • Low Running Costs
    • Heat on Demand
    • Total Control
    • Peace of Mind
    • Uses off-peak tariffs
    As low as £716.26 £596.88
  2. Dimplex XLE Storage Heater
    Dimplex XLE Storage Heater
    • 7-Day Timer
    • Overheat Protection
    • Open Window Protection
    • Boost Mode Available
    As low as £569.60 £474.67
  3. Dimplex Quantum RF Heater
    Dimplex Quantum RF Heater
    • Updated iQ controller
    • Intelligent automatic charge calculation
    • Lot 20 compliant
    • Frost protection
    As low as £716.26 £596.88
  4. Dimplex Hub
    Out of stock
    Dimplex Hub
    • Controls Dimplex 'RF' Products Remotely
    • Controls up to 20 RF Units
    • Quick setup using the Dimplex Control app
    • Monitor energy usage
    £152.63 £127.19
  5. Dimplex RF Module
    Out of stock
    Dimplex RF Module
    • Allows Dimplex products to send and receive commands
    • Enables communication with Dimplex Hub for control via Dimplex Control
    • Quickly view and change heating mode
    £45.91 £38.26
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Energy-saving has become a buzzword in the heating industry of late. Storage Heaters give you the best energy-saving features and amazing constant heating for your home and office. A storage heater uses the low tariffs of off-peak times to store the heating power till you need it during the peak times.

Dimplex Electric Storage Heaters

To store the energy needed for heating, these innovative heaters can store up to 23,1 kW of heating power for use when you need it most. By storing the electric energy during the off-peak times, you can heat your home or office evenly during the coldest days of winter. With energy savings as high as 47%, electric storage heaters will help you save money and heat your home comfortably.

With digital control, you control the way your home is heated and the temperature. The low running costs make storage heaters the best electric heater for your office or open-plan home. With innovative features like remote control and even networking, you can install a storage heater all over your home or retail space and control them from one remote.

Modern Storage Heaters

The benefits of electric storage heaters don’t stop there. Designed with low profiles these slimline electric heaters will suit any design choice with elegant color finishes and clean, sleek outer covers. With the built-in fan, these heaters spread the heat evenly across the room rapidly for fast heat all day long.

High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

Being one of the most technological electric heaters in our range, you can also install intelligent controllers that will learn from your heating demands to give you a better heating profile all winter long. Features like child lock and weekly programs give landlords and store owners the control they need for lower running costs.

Electric storage heaters give you the best of both worlds, effective heating for rooms and spaces with the benefit of energy-saving technology and networkability.