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  1. De'Longhi Fivy Oil Filled Electric Radiator
    Out of stock
    De'Longhi Fivy Oil Filled Electric Radiator
    • IP24 Rated
    • Child secure, low surface temperature
    • 24hr 7 day programmer
    • Touch remote control included 
    • Heavy duty wall fixing kit included
    £282.00 £235.00
  2. 130mm Radiator Sleeving Kit
    130mm Radiator Sleeving Kit
    • 130mm Sleeving Kits
    • 9 Finish Options
    As low as £23.80 £19.83
  3. Milan Horizontal Short Designer Radiator Double Panel
    Milan Horizontal Short Designer Radiator Double Panel
    • Double Flat Panel
    • 450mm Height
    • Various Widths
    • High Quality Double Powder Coat Finish
    As low as £180.00 £150.00
  4. Sunhouse Panel Heaters Eco
    Sunhouse Panel Heaters Eco
    • Thermostat Controlled 
    • 7 Day Timer 
    • Simple To Use Controls 
    • Splashproof
    • Engery Saving 
    • Adaptive Start
    As low as £129.86 £108.22
  5. Dimplex OFX Oil Filled Radiator
    Dimplex OFX Oil Filled Radiator
    • Energy efficient electric heater
    • Ideal for background or full heating
    • Cable and fitted plug supplied
    • Built in Thermostat
    • Willow White
    As low as £167.40 £139.50
  6. De'Longhi Alu Oil Filled Aluminium Electric Radiator
    De'Longhi Alu Oil Filled Aluminium Electric Radiator
    • IP Rated electric heater
    • Child safety setting
    • Night Eco mode setting
    • Antifreeze setting fixed at 7C
    • Open window sensor 
    • Lot 20 compliant
    As low as £334.80 £279.00
  7. Dimplex Mk1E Oil-Filled Panel Radiator
    Dimplex Mk1E Oil-Filled Panel Radiator
    • Electronic Thermostat 
    • 7- day Timer
    • Complies with Lot 20 of the ERP Directive
    • Wall mounted with brackets included
    As low as £321.94 £268.28
  8. Nirvana Horizontal Short Designer Radiator Double Panel
    Nirvana Horizontal Short Designer Radiator Double Panel
    • Double Panel
    • 400mm Height
    • Various Widths
    • High Quality Double Powder Coat Finish 
    As low as £180.00 £150.00
  9. Modal TRV Angled Radiator Valves
    Modal TRV Angled Radiator Valves
    • Modal Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)
    • High Quality Brass
    • 15mm Openings
    • Contemporary Styling
    • Non Bi-Directional
    As low as £35.10 £29.25
  10. Luxury Radiator Wall Stay
    Luxury Radiator Wall Stay
    • Radiator Wall Stay
    • 265mm Long
    • 11 Finishes Available
    As low as £34.44 £28.70
  11. Essential Corner Thermostatic Radiator Valve
    Essential Corner Thermostatic Radiator Valve
    • Thermostatic Radiator Valve
    • 4 Finishes
    • Corner Valve
    As low as £39.48 £32.90
  12. Dimplex OFXE Oil-filled Panel Radiator
    Dimplex OFXE Oil-filled Panel Radiator
    • Auto & Manual Reset
    • Battery Backup for Real Time Clock
    • Slim Design
    • Thermostat
    As low as £237.47 £197.89
  13. Vintage Ferro Bench Designer Radiator
    Vintage Ferro Bench Designer Radiator
    • Various Widths
    • 480mm Height
    • High-Quality Double Powder Coat Finish
    • Light Oak Top
    As low as £367.50 £306.25
  14. 300mm High Single Panel Single Convector Compact Radiator
    300mm High Single Panel Single Convector Compact Radiator
    • Factory fitted top grille and side panels.
    • 4 x 1/2" connections for valves.
    • Designed for standard two pipe heating systems.
    • White enamel powder coat finish to RAL 9016.
    As low as £19.46 £16.22
  15. 500mm High Double Panel Double Convector Compact Radiator
    500mm High Double Panel Double Convector Compact Radiator
    • Horizontal Double Convector Radiator
    • Multiple sizes available
    • White finish
    • Valves sold separately
    As low as £59.33 £49.44
  16. Platinum Manual Corner Valve & Lockshield
    Platinum Manual Corner Valve & Lockshield
    • Platinum Manual Corner Valve & Lockshield
    • Available in 4 Finishes
    • Fixing : ½"
    As low as £28.97 £24.14
  17. Galapagos Vertical Thermofluid Electric Radiator
    Galapagos Vertical Thermofluid Electric Radiator
    • 3 Modes 
    • Anti Frost 
    • IP24
    • LCD Digital Controls 
    As low as £578.78 £482.32
  18. RadiWarm® Signature Electric Heater
    RadiWarm® Signature Electric Heater
    • 100% Efficient
    • High quality 60/40 not-dry Heat
    • 7-day RF Remote Controller or Smart Control System
    • Plug and Play
    As low as £403.78 £336.48
  19. Bravo Vertical Designer Radiator Double Panel
    Bravo Vertical Designer Radiator Double Panel
    • Contemporary Designer Radiator
    • White or Anthracite Finish
    • Double-panelled Style
    • Vertical Orientation
    As low as £240.00 £200.00
  20. Bravo Horizontal Designer Radiator Double Panel
    Bravo Horizontal Designer Radiator Double Panel
    • Contemporary Designer Radiator
    • 600mm Height
    • Anthracite or White Finish
    • Double-panelled Style
    • Horizontal Orientation
    As low as £105.00 £87.50
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Heating Radiators are a very common way of heating your home using your central heating supply. A radiator provides you great space saving as well as sufficient heating in all your rooms. At QBIC Heating we offer you a wide variety of electric radiators and central heating radiators.

Central Heating Radiators and Electric Radiators

Most central heating radiators are connected to your central heating water supply. The most common design a multi-rib appliance coated with an epoxy color of your choice. All our radiators are manufactured to exacting standards with quality materials and fittings. There are two main styles of heating radiators in our catalog. Firstly, we have vertical column radiators that are up to 1,8m tall and give you excellent heating and comfort. These modern radiators offer up to 2457 BTUs of heating energy for your home.

To calculate the heating need for your home all you need to do is use our BTU heating calculator. It will help you specify the right size of central heating radiator or electric radiator for your home or space. This will give you an accurate measure of your room heating requirements.

The second style of heating radiator we offer is the horizontal radiator, a far more commonly used radiator heater. They are available in both electric and central heating variations. These column radiators have either 2 or 3 columns, some even have more. A column radiator offers great heating for your rooms from bathrooms to living rooms.

Designer Radiators

We also have a range of designer column radiators that will complement any design style or décor. These radiators will fit perfectly in your bathrooms or bedroom whilst maintaining your style of choice. Bathroom radiators give you the warmth that you need on those cold winter days with fantastic splash proof protection.

The electric radiators in our catalog have electronic controls for heating. This makes a radiator heater great for heating space and storage areas. Running costs with radiator heaters are generally low as they offer awesome heating capability but low energy consumption. Fitting and installing these radiator heaters is a simple job. Especially with each of our products ship with all the accessories that you need.

Installation Requirements

Our electric radiators are shipped ready to install however you will have to purchase the correct valve for you central heating radiator separately. Whether you choose an electric radiator or central heating radiator, you will have everything you need to warm your home to the perfect temperature.

Designer radiators offer you many design features like panel radiators as well as glass panel radiators. These radiators can be installed in both vertical and horizontal alignment. They offer amazing heating control and fantastic decorative aesthetics.

With electric heating radiators, you have the option of rapid heat as well as constant warmth for your home. The electric radiator version also offers a rapid heating option combined with energy saving technology. QBIC Heating provides you with the most technically advanced radiators on the market. Our client care team will assist you with any queries you might have.

Column Radiators and Oil Filled Radiators

So, if you are looking for the perfect radiator heater for your home, there is only one place you should be looking for. QBIC heating has the widest range of electric radiators as well as central heating radiators. With such a large selection of horizontal and vertical radiators, you will find everything you need to heat your home. Our radiator selection provides you with:

  • Designer Radiators - the perfect heating solution that will suit any style choice. Wide variety of design options and style choices for rooms and large spaces.
  • Column Radiators - the most versatile radiator heating option for rooms and storage heating as well your entire home.
  • All Electric Radiators - Electric radiators give you energy saving heating for your bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. All electric radiators are splash proof and have exceptional isolation for your safety.
  • Compact Radiators - the compact design gives you bug heat from a small profile for smaller rooms like bathrooms.

Browse our product selection and find your radiator heating solution with QBIC Heating.

Radiators FAQ

What does a radiator do?

In a nutshell, radiators are devices used to increase the temperature of enclosed spaces such as homes and offices. They emit heat and are either powered by electricity or are connected to the central heating system. More advanced models come with several safety features and offer more control to their users when it comes to their temperature settings through thermostats and valves.

How to bleed a radiator?

Some models might have extra steps in bleeding them but generally, all you need to do is first, turn the radiator off to make bleeding safer and more comfortable. Next, place a rag or towel underneath your radiator. This will catch all the water that might come out when you open your bleeding valve.

Once done, slowly open your radiator’s bleeding valve. It’s usually located at the top. This step will help make the air that has been trapped in your radiator escape. Once you notice that the water is no longer bubbling, this means no more air is escaping. Close the bleeding valve and you’re good to go

How to know if my radiator needs bleeding?

Bleeding is done to radiators because there is air trapped inside the system. This can cause your radiator to malfunction and not produce enough heat to warm your place up. One of the signs that your radiator needs bleeding is that they have uneven heat throughout its surface. Usually, the top part isn’t as hot as compared to the rest of the radiator.

How to clean a radiator?

Frequent wiping of the exterior of a radiator is more than enough to keep them clean. Just remember that you need to turn the radiator off first before you can start cleaning them. Their surface might be a little bit uncomfortable for you if you don’t cut the heat off. Some radiators are also powered by electricity and it would be a whole lot safer if you cut the electricity off first before cleaning your radiator.

How do I turn off a radiator?

If you have an electric radiator, then all you need to do is push the power button which is usually located in its thermostat or turn down the thermostat. However, if you have a radiator that’s connected to the central heating system, the process would be a little bit different.

In essence, you need to cut off the heat that comes from the central heating system to turn your radiator off. You can do this by turning its valves clockwise which closes the passageway through which heat from the system flows through to your radiator. Another option would be to turn off your central heating system entirely.

What are designer radiators?

As the name suggests, designer radiators are heating appliances that don’t just prioritise their heating performance, but also their style, design, and overall general look. They can be slightly different from normal radiators and might have better materials used in manufacturing them. 

They typically have modern designs that are sleek and subtle which makes them blend perfectly in a room without sticking out and be easily recognised as a radiator. As expected, designer radiators might come at a higher price. To compensate, brands fill them with advanced heating technology and safety features most radiators don’t have.

Is a vertical radiator better than a horizontal one?

There can be minute differences when it comes to the heat output of vertical and horizontal radiators. In some cases, vertical radiators can’t draw cold air upwards for convection as good as horizontal ones. But in most cases, the difference is negligible.

What you should consider is the interior design and space that you have. Some homes might have a layout where a vertical radiator would fit better. Others could be better off with a horizontal one.

What materials are radiators made from?

Since radiators are designed to dissipate heat, they’re typically made from material that conducts heat quickly and can spread it to your room without getting damaged. Examples of these materials would be stainless steel and aluminium. They, however, could come in different colours and finishes such as white, black, and chrome.

Are radiators safe to use?
Yes, especially if you purchase from a reputable brand that can ensure that their products have passed certain local and international standards. One of the marks you can look for is the BEAB approval, BS EN ISO, and other similar certifications. To help ease your mind, you can also opt to purchase radiators with additional safety features such as low surface temperature radiators which have a limiter on the temperature its exterior can get.
How much is a radiator for my home?

Radiators’ prices come in a wide range. Since radiators have different sizes, features, brands, and styles, you will find yourself with tons of choices if you’re in the market for one. Here in QBIC, the prices are within the range of £16 to £990. While the price difference is huge, you also get more heat output and features as you go up the price range. 

The more affordable ones are typically compact radiators which are the perfect combination of durability, simplicity, and value. On the top end of the range lies your designer radiators which boast function, style, and sophistication.

How do compact radiators differ from other radiators?

First, you’ll notice that they have smaller form factors and are thinner than most radiators. Because of this, they might have lower heat output compared to their bigger brothers. But since they’ll most likely be installed inside smaller rooms and apartments, they have more than enough power to heat up a whole room. 

More often than not, compact radiators connect to the central heating system and will therefore be less expensive to run compared to electric radiators.

Are radiators too big for my house?

You have an array of choices for the size of the radiator you want to install in your home. The good thing is that radiators’ sizes are directly proportional to their heat output. This means that the bigger the heat output, the bigger their size, generally speaking. If you have a small house, you will only need a small radiator, too. Some models only have dimensions of 300 mm. X 400 mm.