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  1. Platinum Chrome Electric Straight Towel Radiator
    Platinum Chrome Electric Straight Towel Radiator
    • Available with Smart Elements
    • 10 Year Warranty
    • High Heat Output from 25mm Bars
    • Supplied with all Fixings
    • Adjustable Wall Projection from 65mm to 88mm
    As low as £179.12 £149.27
  2. Scudo Towel Rail Valves Corner (Pair) Chrome
    Scudo Towel Rail Valves Corner (Pair) Chrome
    • Corner Valves
    • Chrome
    • For Scudo Towel Rails
    • Brass Construction
    Original Price £26.50 Special Price £11.93 £9.94
  3. McCarthy Electric Low Surface Temperature Towel Radiator
    McCarthy Electric Low Surface Temperature Towel Radiator
    • Low Surface Temperature
    • IP44 Rated
    • Polished Chrome Finish
    • Supplied Ready to Install
    As low as £213.53 £177.94
  4. Platinum White Electric Curved Towel Radiator
    Platinum White Electric Curved Towel Radiator
    • 16 Sizes to Choose From
    • 3 Smart Element Options
    • High Heat Output from 25mm Bars
    • Supplied with all Fixings
    • Adjustable Wall Projection from 65mm to 88mm
    As low as £189.58 £157.98
  5. Huby 8 Column Traditional Towel Rail
    Huby 8 Column Traditional Towel Rail
    • Traditional Towel Rail
    • Column-inspired design
    • 1000mm Height
    • Polished Chrome Plated Finish
    Original Price £700.00 Special Price £315.00 £262.50
  6. Metro Electric Towel Radiator
    Metro Electric Towel Radiator
    • Electric Towel Radiator
    • 5 Heights Available
    • 4 Widths Available
    • White, Chrome or RAL finish
    As low as £152.88 £127.40
  7. Carlo Designer Towel Radiator
    Carlo Designer Towel Radiator
    • Vertical Orientation
    • Wall-mounted fitment
    • Anthracite, Black or White
    • 500mm Width
    As low as £157.50 £131.25
  8. Strive Designer Towel Radiator
    Strive Designer Towel Radiator
    • Efficient heat output
    • Wall-mounted fitment
    • 4 Heights Available
    • 3 Widths Available
    As low as £40.06 £33.38
  9. Qbic Square Towel Radiator
    Qbic Square Towel Radiator
    • Qbic Square Towel Radiator
    • Contemporary Design
    • All Fixtures Supplied
    • High Quality Steel
    As low as £186.13 £155.11
  10. Angled TRV and Lockshield Set
    Angled TRV and Lockshield Set
    • Angled TVR and Lockshield Set
    • Available in 9 in Finishes
    As low as £25.88 £21.57
  11. Sunhouse Towel Warmer
    Sunhouse Towel Warmer
    • Suitable for bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchen area
    • Available in Chrome or White
    • Fully IPX4 rated
    • Supplied with mains cable
    • Complete with mounting brackets
    As low as £108.83 £90.69
  12. Contemporary Dual Fuel Manual Radiator Valve
    Contemporary Dual Fuel Manual Radiator Valve
    • Dual Fuel Manual Radiator Valve
    • Left & Right hand versions
    • 9 different finishes
    As low as £107.86 £89.88
  13. Kudox Electric Thermostatic Straight Towel Rail Chrome
    Kudox Electric Thermostatic Straight Towel Rail Chrome
    • Thermostatic
    • Multi-Function LED Indicators
    • Automatic Frost Protection
    • Auto-Off After 2 Hours
    £231.90 £193.25
  14. Terma Moa Heating Element
    Terma Moa Heating Element
    • 5-step heating temperature range
    • Double overheating protection
    • Anti-Freeze function
    • Available colours: white or chrome
    As low as £81.00 £67.50
  15. Loge Angled Radiator Valve
    Loge Angled Radiator Valve
    • Angled Manual Radiator Valve
    • High Quality Brass
    • 15mm Openings
    • Contemporary Styling
    As low as £24.18 £20.15
  16. Sandhurst Traditional Towel Radiator
    Sandhurst Traditional Towel Radiator
    • Sandhurst Traditional Towel Radiator
    • Chrome Finish
    • Fixings and Brackets Supplied
    • 5 Year Guarantee
    Original Price £903.60 Special Price £632.52 £527.10
  17. Detroit Designer Towel Radiator
    Detroit Designer Towel Radiator
    • Sleek Bars
    • High Heat Output
    • 800mm x 350mm
    • 1200mm x 500mm 
    As low as £78.76 £65.63
  18. Detroit Electric Designer Towel Radiator
    Detroit Electric Designer Towel Radiator
    • Sleek Bars
    • 2 Size Options Available
    • Duel Fuel compatible
    • 800mm x 350mm
    • 1200mm x 500mm
    As low as £218.75 £182.29
  19. Nirvana Designer Towel Rail
    Nirvana Designer Towel Rail
    • High-Quality Double Powder Coat Finish 
    • 1600mm Height
    • 500mm Width
    • 6 Vertical Oval Panel
    As low as £280.00 £233.33
  20. Imperial Electric Designer Towel Radiator Polished Chrome
    Imperial Electric Designer Towel Radiator Polished Chrome
    • High-quality Polished Chrome Finish
    • 963mm Height
    • 400W Heating Element
    • Dual Fuel Compatible
    Original Price £575.00 Special Price £402.50 £335.42
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Towel Radiators

There are few things nicer than getting out of the bath or shower on a chilly day and wrapping yourself in a warm towel. A warmed towel makes the cold days start of much better. It also the only way to get a gently warmed towel is by installing a Towel Radiator in your bathroom. Our range of heated towel radiator models will suit your style and pocket. A towel radiator not only helps keep your bath towels warm and dry but also keeps the bathroom neat and tidy.

With an electric towel radiator, you can even warm up your bathroom on cold autumn days. These towel radiators offer you the most convenient power options for your bathroom. We have towel rail radiators in every style and design as well as dual fuel options. No more damp and wet towel laying on the floor of your bathroom!

Benefits of Towel Radiators

Keeping your home warm is easy, however, bathrooms don’t always get the benefit of central heating or other means of heating. Bathroom towel radiators give you the convenience of a heated bathroom and dry fluffy towels when you get out of the shower. Electric towel radiators help you save on energy as they have large heat footprints for a wide warmth reach. The dual-fuel towel radiators allow you to take advantage of your central heating as well as electrical power.

Even with the bathroom radiator towel rail installed this heating solution does not take up much space, so you save space in often cramped bathrooms. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about cramping your style, towel radiators have many styles and décor options that will fit in perfectly with your style choice.

Traditional Towel Radiators

Designed to help with heating, bathroom towel radiators come in a variety of styles and models. With our range of traditional towel radiators, you can make your bathroom as cozy as the living room. These exquisite towel radiators offer you style choices from small towel radiators to large units for bigger bathrooms. Your style choices include black towel radiators as well as many other colors. Towel radiators come in various sizes to suit your bathroom needs. So, with style and fit for any design theme, you improve your home value and experience by installing a towel radiator heater.

Bathroom Towel Radiators

As one of the biggest product lines in the total heating solution for your home, heated towel radiators have every conceivable installation type covered. If you like high style, the designer range of towel radiators has something for every taste. Traditional towel radiators can be used in conjunction with your central heating (dual fuel towel radiators) or can be installed in pure electric form. Electric towel radiators also can be ordered with an attachable fan to circulate the warmth in your bathroom.

For the parents with little hands in the bathroom, LST towel radiators provide a low surface temperature heating. These can also be used in high care environments. When you browse our selection of towel radiators you are sure to start redesigning your bathroom! More than that you will also add beautiful heating to your home.

Heated Towel Radiators

The bathroom is one of the few places that does not have many heating options in a home. Besides central heating, the options are very limited. Using a Towel Rail Radiator heating solution gives you the best of both worlds. You can warm up your bathroom as well as have fluffy warm towels to wrap yourself in after a soothing bath. Regardless of your décor style, there is a towel radiator for you. Our range stretches from high style anthracite towel radiators to simple white towel radiator for low key bathrooms.

Drying your towel with a towel radiator gives you the quick drying of a dryer. Yet also gives you a stylish decorative heating unit on your bathroom wall. The installation for most units is very simple, especially the electric units. It's simple plug and play, or heat in this case! Some units give you dual heating options, connected to your central heating and the added benefit of electric power feed.

So, whether you are decorating a new home or just adding some convenience to your existing home, add a stylish practical towel radiator. Use a horizontal towel radiator to add warmth to your bathroom as well as fluffy towels. Never again will you use a cold or damp towel again. With a simple stainless steel towel radiator, you gain both heat and comfort in an often left out part of your home. Come on spoil yourself!

Towel Radiators FAQ

How to turn off towel radiators?

If you have an electric towel radiator they have their own on/off button you need to push to either turn them on or off. 

Most central heating towel radiators, on the other hand, are reliant on your heating system. You might have to turn the central heating system off first so that your towel radiator will stop emitting heat. However, some central heating radiators have valves that you can use to cut off the supply of heat to your radiators. These valves may also be used to increase or decrease the heat of your towel radiator.

Is a towel rail good as a radiator?

The ability of a towel rail to work as a radiator for your bathroom depends on the heat output and the size of your place. There are towel rails that can produce enough heat to warm up your entire bathroom. 

Generally, the ratio is,that for every square foot of space, you’re going to need 25 to 35 BTUs from your towel rail. This, however, is only a rough estimate. There are several more factors that will come into play when choosing the heat output of a radiator.

It’s still better to contact our staff through a phone call to ask which type of towel rail is best to use as a radiator for your bathroom.

What is the point of a towel radiator?

Towel radiators are heating devices that are designed to keep your towels warm and dry. This can prevent you from having damp towels which leads to ineffective drying and even the growth of harmful microbes in your towels.

There are also towel radiators that can serve as a radiator for your bathroom. They can produce enough heat output in such a compact form and efficiently heat your bathroom up in a simple way.

Are towel radiators worth it?

Yes, towel radiators are an amazing addition to your bathrooms especially if you live somewhere cold most months and want to have a comfortable and warm place. They are also efficient in heating up your bathroom and don’t consume a lot of electricity even if you turn them on every day.

If you have an existing central heating system, you can also opt to purchase a towel radiator that can be connected to it. These types of towel radiators would be cheaper to run since they won’t use any electricity.

Can you replace a normal radiator with a towel radiator?

This depends on the space you’re trying to heat up. If you only intend to use the towel radiator in your bathroom, then yes, they would be an upgrade compared to a normal radiator. However, if you’re looking to place a towel radiator in your living area with the intention of heating up the entire place, towel radiators might not have enough heat output for the task.

Do towel rails have a thermostat?

Not all towel rails have thermostats, especially ones that are connected to your central heating system. You can, however, adjust the valves to increase or decrease the temperature that your towel rail gives off. Better yet, you can install a thermostatic valve to be more precise when it comes to controlling the temperature of your towel rail.

How to keep your towel rail clean?

Maintaining a towel rail is simple and not costly. All you need to do is make sure that dust and grime don’t stick to it which might affect its performance. A quick wipe using a damp towel is already enough. You can also choose to use wet wipes so dust can be easily removed.

It would also be beneficial if you keep your towel rail dry as much as you can. This way you can avoid dust sticking to it and lessen the chance of having water spots on them.

How to hang towels on a vertical radiator?

The best way to do this is by folding your towel lengthwise before hanging it on your towel radiator. This way, heat will be trapped in your towel and can help make them stay warm. This is contradictory to the usual way of hanging towels on radiators by draping them over.

There are radiators specifically designed to be used inside bathrooms where you can put your towel to dry and stay warm. However, it’s not advisable to put a towel on a normal radiator. They are not designed to have the components that can cater to towels being hung on them, unlike towel rails.

How to clean chrome towel rail?

The quickest way you can clean a chrome-plated towel rail is by using water and vinegar. What you can do is mix them in a bowl with a 1:1 ratio. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your towel rail using the water and vinegar you prepared. The acid in the vinegar can quickly remove the water spots that might have become visible on your towel rail.

Which way to turn towel radiator on?

Towel radiator valves from ones that are connected to your central heating system can be turned on using valves. Most valves open when you turn them counter-clockwise. Conversely, the heat also stops flowing to your radiator if you turn the valves clockwise until it stops moving. 

Valves operate much like screws. When you turn a screwdriver clockwise, the screw goes down. This is similar to the valve “going down” and closing the passageway for the heat to flow into your radiator.