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  1. Dimplex Q Rad RF Panel Heater
    Dimplex Q Rad RF Panel Heater
    • Q-Rad Intelligent Panel Heater
    • 5 Power Outputs
    • Electronic Thermostat
    • Energy Saving
    • Radiant Heat
    As low as £356.20 £296.83
  2. Dimplex XLE Storage Heater
    Dimplex XLE Storage Heater
    • 7-Day Timer
    • Overheat Protection
    • Open Window Protection
    • Boost Mode Available
    As low as £628.80 £524.00
  3. Dimplex Quantum RF Heater
    Dimplex Quantum RF Heater
    • Updated iQ controller
    • Intelligent automatic charge calculation
    • Lot 20 compliant
    • Frost protection
    As low as £742.15 £618.46
  4. Dimplex Q-Rad E Electric Radiator
    Dimplex Q-Rad E Electric Radiator
    • Instant warmth through dual element technology
    • IP24
    • H-Frame Metal Wall Bracket
    • Open Window Technology
    As low as £382.60 £318.83
  5. Dimplex RF Module
    Dimplex RF Module
    • Allows Dimplex products to send and receive commands
    • Enables communication with Dimplex Hub for control via Dimplex Control
    • Quickly view and change heating mode
    Original Price £60.42 Special Price £56.39 £46.99
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Dimplex Storage Heaters

Dimplex storage heaters offer a practical and efficient solution for heating homes or workplaces, particularly during the colder months. They are designed to store thermal energy during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, and release the stored heat when needed.

The Dimplex Brand

These heaters are a product of Dimplex, a renowned brand known for its extensive range of domestic appliances. Dimplex's reputation for quality and innovation extends to their storage heaters, which are designed with the highest standards of durability, functionality, and aesthetics in mind. These heaters are also designed to be environmentally friendly, minimizing energy wastage and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Range of models

The range of Dimplex Storage Heaters includes models suitable for any size of room or area, from small, compact models perfect for a home office or bedroom, to larger units capable of heating expansive spaces such as a living room or open-plan office. Regardless of the size, each model is designed to provide consistent and comfortable levels of heat.

Easy controls

One of the standout features of Dimplex storage heaters is their controllability. Many models are equipped with advanced thermostatic controls that allow precise adjustment of heat output to suit individual preferences and environmental conditions. This unique feature ensures that the heaters deliver only the necessary amount of heat, thus promoting energy efficiency.


In terms of installation, Dimplex storage heaters are designed for simplicity. They can be wall-mounted, freeing up valuable floor space. The heaters are also equipped with easy-to-use controls, making them user-friendly even for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Cost effective

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Dimplex storage heaters are a smart choice. By storing heat during off-peak hours and releasing it on demand, these heaters can lead to significant savings on energy bills. Moreover, the heaters require minimal maintenance, which further adds to their cost-effectiveness over time.

In summary, Dimplex storage heaters are a versatile, efficient, and economical solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. With their advanced technology, stylish design, and trusted brand name, they make an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient heating solution.

Dimplex Storage Heaters FAQ

What is a Dimplex storage heater?

A Dimplex storage heater is an electrical appliance that stores thermal energy during periods when electricity is available at a lower cost, typically during the night, and releases the heat during the day when it's needed.

How does a Dimplex storage heater work?

Dimplex storage heaters work by using off-peak electricity to heat up a series of internal ceramic bricks. These bricks then gradually release their heat throughout the day.

Are Dimplex storage heaters energy-efficient?

Yes, Dimplex storage heaters are designed to be energy-efficient by consuming electricity during off-peak hours and releasing stored heat during peak hours.

How do I control a Dimplex storage heater?

Most Dimplex storage heaters come with adjustable settings that allow you to control the amount of heat stored and released, giving you the flexibility to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Can Dimplex storage heaters provide instant heat?

While Dimplex storage heaters are primarily designed to release stored heat gradually, some models come with a boost function that provides instant heat when required.

How do I maintain a Dimplex storage heater?

Dimplex storage heaters are generally low-maintenance. It's recommended to clean the air vents regularly to ensure efficient operation and to have them serviced by a professional periodically.

Can I install a Dimplex storage heater myself?

It's recommended to have a Dimplex storage heater installed by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and proper operation.