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  1. Consort SL Wireless Controlled Plinth Heaters 2kW
    Consort SL Wireless Controlled Plinth Heaters 2kW
    • Wireless Controlled
    • Easy Installation
    • Fan Only Settings 
    • LED Indicator Light 
    • 2kW Or 3kW Rating
    • Four Different Finishes
    As low as £139.91 £116.59
  2. Eco Design Plinth Fan Heater
    Eco Design Plinth Fan Heater
    • Fits Discreetly 
    • Fan Assisted Output 
    • 7 Day Timer 
    • Bluetooth Remote
    • 3 Finishes  
    As low as £310.40 £258.67
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Plinth Heaters

In the UK, we often have a set of staircases in our home and we often need to warm our homes to keep the cold air outside. QBIC Heating has the perfect solution for you. Plinth Heaters are electric heaters that you can install in your stairwell risers. They also fit snuggly into the kickplate underneath your kitchen counter or reception desks.

Electric Plinth Heaters

With a small profile. Plinth heaters fit into the lower areas of your home or office to heat the room effectively. With a wide range of color finishes your electric plinth heater will discreetly fit into your décor when space is at a premium. They can even be remotely controlled and preprogrammed for 7-day heating.

If you have an open space in your shop front and need effective heating, there is only one effective solution. Plinth electric heaters will give you all the heating you need from only a 100mm kick space height. With up to 3kW of heating power you can rely on our range of plinth heaters to warm your home or workspace without fail.

With a single remote control, you can control your plinth heaters and maintain a warm happy work environment. The various colors and heat settings give you more freedom than any other heater when space is limited. You can also use them in fan-only mode on the warmer days. The safety cut out will ensure that your electric plinth heaters don’t overheat or burn out.

Best Electric Plinth Heater in UK

Plinth electric heaters are specifically designed to give you excellent heating from a small profile. Whether it is in your kick space under the counters or in your stairwell risers, you get powerful heating from the units. With the remote control, you can go wrong and the 7-day heating program gives you energy-saving heating for your needs. QBIC Heating - Your Best electric heating provider.

Plinth Heaters FAQ

What are plinth heaters?

Plinth heaters are heating devices that are usually installed at the bottom of your kitchen counters, cabinets, and other utility storage units. The plinth is what we usually call the base of a structure such as columns and houses that are typically in the shape of a square or rectangular slab. Plinth heaters are aptly named so because they’re located and produce heat on the plinth.

How do plinth heaters work?

There are two major types of plinth heaters - electricity-powered and those that are connected to a central heating system. Electric-powered ones, as the name suggests, use electricity to produce heat. The heat from its internals (heating elements) is then blown outwards to your home typically by using a fan. 

The ones that are connected to a central heating system use heat from the boilers etc. Once the hot water flows through the plinth heater, a fan then blows the heat through its grill and into your home - much like an electricity-powered heater. They will still need electricity to power the fan, however, they don’t have heating elements like the electricity-powered plinth heaters.

Why should I buy a plinth heater?

The main reason why plinth hearts exist and are highly in demand in the market today is that they save a ton of space in your home. Wall-mounted heaters and radiators can take up significant space rendering a part of your wall practically unusable for any other device or appliance. If you want to fully utilise your space, plinth heaters are an excellent heating option. They’re simple, easy to maintain and provide enough heat output for your needs.

Are plinth heaters any good?

Their price to function ratio is extremely good. Ranging from £240 to £350, plinth heaters are excellent at what they do. They come with high heat output yet do not consume that much energy. The best feature of all is they’re compact and will never get in the way of your home. 

Since they’re designed to be installed at the bottom part of utility cabinets, kitchen counters, and the like, they wouldn’t eat up much real estate in your house. Some models only need 100mm of height so they can be installed snuggly and safely under your counters.

Are plinth heaters noisy?

Most plinth heaters are fan-assisted. Because of this, you’ll hear a little bit of fan noise once you turn it on. However, they don’t produce a sound that most people would consider “noisy”. All you hear is the sound of a fan in the background while you do your chores or relax on your couch with a book - nothing obstructive.

What is a hydronic plinth heater?

Hydronic plinth heaters are simply a type of plinth heater that uses hot water from a central heating system’s boilers as a source of heat. Much like how central heating radiators, they’re reliant on central heating for their operation. The difference is that hydronic plinth heaters use electricity-powered fans to blow the air into parts of your home. Unlike traditional central heating radiators that usually don’t have fans to aid the dissipation of heat.

Where can I install plinth heaters?

Plinth heaters are more commonly used inside domestic homes, especially in kitchens where every space is needed to fit other kitchen appliances and fixtures. However, you can install them in any part of your home or even office that comes with a plinth at the bottom. You’d also need to have an electricity connection in the location where you plan to install a plinth heater. This is because they come with electric-powered fans that help distribute the heat

Are plinth heaters easy to use?

Plinth heaters are easy to operate. Some units even come with technology that can help make their operation even more convenient. Dimplex’s Eco Design Plinth Heater comes with remote control through Bluetooth connectivity that can help you control the temperature settings of your plinth heater. Most modern units also have programmable room temperatures with timers to help you be more specific when it comes to the heat settings of your home.