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  1. Sunhouse Thermostatic Tubular Heater
    Sunhouse Thermostatic Tubular Heater
    • 40W - 240W Outputs available
    • 1.5m supply cable fitted with plug
    • Built in, auto-reset safety cut-out
    • Thermostatically controlled
    • Linking kit available
    As low as £20.99 £17.49
  2. Hylite Tubular Heaters
    Hylite Tubular Heaters
    • Ideal for a range of places
    • Reliable
    • 25% less energy
    • 1ft-6ft Available
    • IP55
    • Economical
    As low as £15.04 £12.53
  3. Dimplex Thermo Tubular Heaters
    Dimplex Thermo Tubular Heaters
    • Dimplex Thermo Tubular Heaters
    • Thermostatic Control
    • 6 sizes/heat outputs to choose 
    • Wall or floor mounted
    • IPX4 rated
    As low as £29.65 £24.71
  4. Tubular Heater Guards
    Tubular Heater Guards
    • Thermostatic Tubular Heater Guard
    • 6 length options
    • 4 width options
    As low as £31.13 £25.94
  5. Hylite Slimline Tubular Heaters
    Hylite Slimline Tubular Heaters
    • Energy efficient
    • 5 sizes
    • Prevent damp
    • IP44
    • Auto heat sensitive cut out
    As low as £19.87 £16.56
  6. Hylite Tubular Heater Guards
    Hylite Tubular Heater Guards
    • Robust
    • White
    • Easy to fit
    • High grade pressed steel
    As low as £13.10 £10.92
  7. Hylite Thermostatic Greenhouse Heater
    Hylite Thermostatic Greenhouse Heater
    • Ideal For Greenhouses & Sheds 
    • Saftey Cut-Out 
    • IP44 Rating 
    • Frost Protection 
    As low as £24.31 £20.26
  8. Hylite Slimline Tubular Heater Guards
    Hylite Slimline Tubular Heater Guards
    • Robust
    • White
    • Easy to fit
    • Access holes
    As low as £16.36 £13.63
  9. Levante Slimline Tubular Heater Guard
    Levante Slimline Tubular Heater Guard
    • Tubular Heater Guard
    • 500mm, 1000mm & 1500mm
    As low as £35.83 £29.86
  10. Levante Standard Tubular Heaters
    Levante Standard Tubular Heaters
    • Low Cost Heating
    • Easy Set-up
    • White Enamel Finish
    • 1m Cable Supplied
    • 6 different lengths/heat output
    As low as £27.90 £23.25
  11. Levante Standard Tubular Heater Guard
    Levante Standard Tubular Heater Guard
    • Levante Standard Tubular Heater Guard
    • Suitable for use with the Levante
    • Standard Tube Heaters Available in sizes 1ft to 6ft
    As low as £22.96 £19.13
  12. Sunhouse Tubular Linking Kit
    Sunhouse Tubular Linking Kit
    Original Price £10.28 Special Price £6.00 £5.00
  13. Levante Slimline Tubular Heater
    Out of stock
    Levante Slimline Tubular Heater
    • Slimline Design
    • Neon Indicator
    • Energy Saving
    • Available in 55W, 120W & 190W
    £65.95 £54.96
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Tubular Heaters

Electric Tube Heaters are used for background heat. That means that these low power tube heaters can be installed in your walk-in cupboards or attics to keep the frost away in winter. These slimline electric tube heaters are often used in small boxed off rooms like cupboards and even sellers where the central heating does not reach.

Tube Heater with Thermostats

Tube heaters comes in various lengths, and commonly give about 60W of heating power per foot of tube heater. Most of our range of tube heaters come in various lengths for your convenience, between 1ft to 6 ft. this gives you the freedom to install them wherever you need like your shed or conservatory.

Due to the low power usage, tube heaters make great heating appliances for your outdoor activities. You can use them in your caravan or mobile home for energy saving heat when you are outdoors. Our range of tube heaters are also rated IPX4 or better, so you can safely use them in your bathroom.

Electric Tube Heater

Most of our tube heaters are shipped with a 1,5m cable with plug which makes them very easy to install using the brackets that fit on the wall or floor. If you would like to network multiple tube heaters in your shop window or greenhouse then we also have the optional interlinking kit (TTHLK) in our catalog.

When planning your heating in your home or work place, use our heating calculator to confirm how much heat you need to heat the space or area. Tube heaters are an excellent choice to supplement your current central heating or electrical heating in you home. Central heating is fantastic yet does not always reach the storage spaces in our homes like attics or sellers. That is where a cost-effective tube heater will help you keep the frost and damp away from your belongings and furniture.

Tubular Heaters FAQ

What are tube heaters?

Tube heaters are a type of electric heating device that is mainly used for background heating. Because of their compact form and low heat output, they’re perfect for walk-in cupboards and attics in your house. They’re also used for industrial heating because of their affordability, versatility, and low-cost operation. Other places where you’ll find tube heaters are inside garages, storage rooms, bike sheds, and greenhouses.

What size tube heater do you need?

The best way to find the appropriate size of tube heater for your space is by checking the wattage rating. It’s best to purchase something that will provide enough heat for your needs. For smaller spaces such as attics and cellars, tube heaters between 40 to 120 watts will suffice. For bigger spaces, you might want to purchase something that has a rating of around 200 watts and above. 

Remember, tube heaters aren’t designed to heat an entire room - they’re supposed to supplement your current central heating or electric heaters for spots where their heat doesn’t reach.

How do tube heaters work?

Tube heaters have simple internal workings and are also easy to operate. They work using electricity much like how a light bulb works. Tube heaters then convert electricity into heat and dissipate it using their tubular bodies typically made from hot-rolled steel. This material is excellent in providing heat to your place without getting rust or damaged easily

How much do tube heaters cost to run?

Data from the UK’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Energy shows that the country spends 15.14 pence per kWh. This data was collected from October to December 2021. If you purchase a tube heater with a power rating of 80w and run it 24/7, you’ll only be incurring costs of around £106.17 per year.

Should you decide to get one that has a power rating of 240 watts to be used in larger spaces, you’ll only add around £318.52 annually to your electric bill while running it 24/7.

Are tube heaters any good?

If you’re looking for something to supplement your current heating systems such as central heating or electric radiators, then, yes, tube heaters are the perfect addition to your home or office space. They’re also excellent for places where radiators can’t reach such as attics and greenhouses. You can also install them easily and they typically come with safety brackets and a 1.5-metre cable with a plug.

Can you put tube heaters in bathrooms?

Yes, you definitely can, as long as they come with an IP rating. This ensures that the tube heater you’re about to purchase has some level of waterproofing to protect them from accidental water sprays inside your bathroom. After all, there might be times when water might be present and hit your tube heater. QBIC’s range of tube heaters all come with an IP rating of IPX4 or better.

They can also help make certain spots in your bathroom warmer which is very much welcome during colder winter nights.