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Combination Boilers

A combination boiler is an ultra efficient (99%) electric water heater that can be installed in conjunction with your central water based system. It allows you the freedom of having a hot water heater that provides you with hot water when you need it and amazing energy savings.

Electric Water Heater

The Redring PowerStream Ascari combination boiler can be used with vented and unvented central heating domestic systems. This makes it perfect as a substitute for gas, oil, or propane storage heating systems. The nearly silent operation of this boiler allows you to install the unit where ever you need it. It also has auto adaptability to energy inputs, meaning that it will manage the energy input to give you easy control of the water temperature and energy savings.

Low Maintenance

The sturdy construction of the combination boiler and components results in a five year maintenance schedule. There is no need to service the boiler annually which lets you use the hot water boiler without any issues. It features a cast iron engine for thermal stability and works exceptionally well in insulated properties up to 80m².

Instantaneous Water Heater

With a wide temperature setting ranging from 21˚C to 80˚C, the combination water boiler gives you perfect control of your water heating. This also allows you to save energy and save on your power bill.

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