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  1. Swan 3.5L Catering Kettle
    Swan 3.5L Catering Kettle
    • 3.5L Capacity
    • Detachable Cord
    • Stainless Steel Body
    • Illumintaed On/Off Switch
    • Boil Dry Protection
    £46.85 £39.04
  2. Igenix 3.5 Litre Corded Kettle Stainless Steel
    Igenix 3.5 Litre Corded Kettle Stainless Steel
    • Lift off lid
    • Immersed element
    • Overheat protection
    • Detachable power cord
    • Power on light indicator
    £41.86 £34.88
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Catering Kettles

When catering to large crowds, there is nothing as frustrating as having to wait for the water to boil in a kettle repeatedly. You will have your patrons upset if they can’t get their cup of tea or coffee on time. Well with a catering kettle you will have more happy clients and less frustration. With large capacity catering kettles, you can boil enough water for up to 20 cups at a time (standard 168ml cup).

Designed for Function and Form

The stainless-steel manufacture of these catering kettles makes them sturdy and functional. With detachable lids for easy water filling and an on and off switch that is illuminated gives you an easy to use the kettle in every way. Our catering kettles also have built-in dry boil protection that will prevent you from dry boiling your kettle.

Both models in our catalog give you overheat protection to prevent damaging the immersed element and keep you boiling water day in and day out. With the detachable cord, you also have some freedom of movement with the kettle so that you can reach all over the kitchen.

Catering Kettles For Business

These kettles are designed specifically for use in the catering industry but can also be used in large office environments. The large capacity boiling gives you the ability to serve hot drinks to a large crowd as well as your whole office. Catering kettles make the boiling of large volumes of water safer than regular kettles and they have the best energy ratings in their class.

QBIC Heating is the #1 place for all your catering supplies. Choose your catering kettle model and we will ship it to your doorstep the next working day.