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  1. Dimplex Q Rad RF Panel Heater
    Dimplex Q Rad RF Panel Heater
    • Q-Rad Intelligent Panel Heater
    • 5 Power Outputs
    • Electronic Thermostat
    • Energy Saving
    • Radiant Heat
    As low as £356.20 £296.83
  2. Dimplex Mirror Bathroom Panel Heater
    Dimplex Mirror Bathroom Panel Heater
    • 1073mm High
    • 1kW heat output
    • Lot 20 Compliant
    • Easy to Use controls
    • Thermostatic
    Original Price £502.62 Special Price £469.01 £390.84
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Radiant Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are a very popular heating choice for all who live in the UK. Radiant panel heaters give you more than just low wave form heat, they also give you the warmth energy that permeates into your furniture, thus giving you a longer lasting heat.

Dimplex Panel Heater

The Dimplex Q Rad Panel Heater is one of our finest heater models. With the added benefit of convection, it gives you radiant heat throughout the room. It is also more economical than most other heater models. It has 5 power outputs that make it easy to control with the electronic thermostat. With radiator heaters, you get the lasting heat from prolonged use during the winter days. However, with a radiant panel heater, you have the extra convection that gives more rapid heating and energy savings.

The combination gives more effective heating and higher heat outputs. Yet the profile of the radiant panel heater is much the same as other radiator heaters. It also has the most accurate controls that let you set the temperature within 0,2˚C.

Glass Panel Heater

For the bathroom or bedroom, the Dimplex Mirror Panel Heater is very stylish with the glass-like panel. The easy to use thermostatic controls give you perfect temperature control. It also has the benefit of convected heat as well as the radiant heat from the panel. This heater also has an IP 25 rating for those occasional splashes. The powerful 1kW heat power will make your bathroom one of the nicest rooms to be in!

QBIC Heating prides itself on being the #1 heating solution supplier to the UK market. So, get your heating sorted before winter comes around again with QBIC Heating.