Guide To Instant Hot Water Dispensers

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Instant hot water dispensers have taken the world by storm - and it honestly isn’t a surprise. This simple appliance has made the lives of individuals easier. Gone are the days when people boil water in pots just to make a fresh cup of tea or coffee. With instant hot water dispensers, you can just leave it to boil and keep the water at the optimal temperature without too much effort.

Tea Urns and Kettles

Igenix Tea Urn

Businesses in the catering and events industry also have benefited from this technology and made their services more efficient. Catering urns and kettles are some of the most sought-after equipment for these types of businesses. They provide hot water for their clients way quicker than the traditional method of boiling water.

Sanitation and safety are also important for catering businesses. After all, they serve drinks, food, and other items that need to be unsullied. Tea urns and kettles can easily match the requirement for businesses in the food industry without costing them too much. These appliances also don’t eat up too much energy.

Durability is another upside to having high-quality catering urns and kettles. QBIC Heating only carries brands that have been known to last long. This comes from having top-notch materials and designs that can carry out long hours of usage. Food businesses usually have high foot traffic and therefore their equipment is more frequently used.

If this is something that you’re looking for, might we suggest checking out some of the best-selling catering urns and kettles we have:

Swan Catering Urns

Swan Catering Tea Urns

This brand is one of our leading best-sellers for catering urns. Sturdiness and convenience are a few of the features you’ll find helpful in this instant hot water dispenser. The exterior is made from stainless steel which guarantees the heavy-duty construction of this appliance.

Swan catering urns also come with an automatic temperature control feature on the 10L, 20L, and 30L models. With this feature, Swan catering urns automatically re-boils the water when the temperature drops to around 90 degrees.

The 8L and 16L models have simmerstat temperature control. If you’re not going to use the hot water for quite a while, don’t worry - the keep hot function can make it ready for use at any given time.

Igenix 3.5 Litre Corded Kettle Stainless Steel

Catering Kettle

For a smaller crowd, a kettle might be the better fitting equipment for providing hot water. It’s just like your traditional kettle but with the addition of new tech and safety features. The cord is also removable for easier filling and serving to your guests.

You won’t worry about your boiled water drying out if you just leave it. The overheat and boil dry protection feature will give you peace of mind. This way, you can focus on other activities you need to do without having to check on your boiling water from time to time. This might not be a cutting-edge tech, but it’s small things like this that are noticeably helpful.

Boiling Water Taps

Instant Hot Water Taps

Individual homeowners also love having instant hot water dispensers. Who doesn’t love to come home and not have to boil water for an afternoon tea? With just one push of a button, you can have clean water at the temperature that you want from your hot and cold water dispenser.

Boiling water taps also have designs that can fit the looks of your home. You can choose from different finishes from chrome-plated to matte black ones. Depending on your style, you’ll surely find a boiling water tap for your home.

One of the best-sellers here in QBIC is the Zip G4 Classic HydroTap. This tap comes in a beautifully chromed exterior that can fit in almost any sink design. If you opt to purchase the HydroTap attachment, you can do so and it will just fit seamlessly the whole assembly. You can also choose to install it away from the sink.

The Zip G4 also comes with a free 100mm tao extension. For safety purposes, this boiling water tap comes with the CE mark of approval and is RoHS compliant, too.

Autofill Boilers

Instant Hot Water Boilers

Want the most convenient way of having a practically unlimited supply of hot water? Autofill boilers just might be what you’re looking for. With a simple process of attaching your boiler to your building’s plumbing lines, you’ll be having a safe way to provide water for your employees, visitors, and your whole family.

Antibacterial filters are also installed in these types of instant hot water dispensers. You no longer have to worry about your patrons’ and your family’s safety when getting water. Our autofill boilers will also help you have lesser spillage in your kitchens or work pantries. Because of this, the occurrence of bacteria and germs in your spaces is lessened. There will be fewer cases of cross-contamination, which makes the area safer for everyone.

Check out the Heatrae Sadia Supreme 150 Water Boiler 2.5L in our store. It can easily be installed in your place of business or your home. All you need to have is an electrical connection and a plumbing lining to a cold water source.

This autofill boiler also has Intelliboil Plus technology that helps you save on your energy costs. It automatically detects if it's not being used within 1 hour and then drops the temperature down to 10 degrees celsius. And the cherry on top is it’s designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in the UK.


There are several methods and appliances you can purchase to bring hot water to our guests, employees, and family. However, with the technology that the industry is offering right now in the market, it’s best to opt for highly convenient instant hot water dispensers.

With all the benefits you’ll get, you’re sure to find that these types of products have an impressive value for money. Not only will you save more on energy costs, you can also save time by being able to provide hot water in a matter of seconds.

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