Buying A Towel Radiator

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Towel radiators are one of those things that you might overlook when building your bathroom. They’re an awesome addition to your place and can provide you with warmth all throughout your day.

Imagine getting out of a long, warm, and relaxing bath. You feel your body refreshed and ready for the day, or, if you’ve been out working, to be tucked in for the night. Then, stepping outside of your bath, you’ll immediately feel the coldness of your surroundings. Having a warm towel wrapped around you would be nice in this situation, right?

This is just one of the things that a towel radiator can solve. Another benefit of having an electric towel radiator is that you can keep your bathroom on the warm and cozy side. Bathrooms should be a place of privacy and comfort. Having your bathroom warm can upgrade your whole experience whenever you step inside it.

You can also keep your towel dry and hygienic with the help of bathroom towel radiators. If your towels stay dry, they wouldn’t be damp all the time. Having damp towels can render them ineffective in drying your body when using them. Having completely dry towels can also keep them smelling fresh. You can also avoid cross-contamination in your bathroom which improves the cleanliness of your whole household

These are things that can be easily be missed but do have an impact on how you enjoy your home. There are several more things that a towel radiator can do and we’ll talk about each in detail throughout this article.

Versatile Heated Towel Radiator

Eversley Wall Mounted Towel Radiator

Towel radiators aren’t a one-trick pony. You can use the warmth for several purposes and can surely help in keeping your life easier and more comfortable. As effective as it is in keeping your towel dry, you can also use them to warm up your homes. Towel radiators like these are called Dual Fuel Towel Radiators.

As the name suggests, its heat comes from two sources which can either be through your electric power system or central heating.

This feature can be a life-saver if you’re in a hurry to dry off some pieces of clothing that are still a bit wet off the clothes hanger. If you also have light clothing items you wanted to wash at night and are needed the next morning, your heated towel radiator can be used as a drying rack for these things.

Another type of towel radiator that can be used for two purposes is a Central Heating Towel Radiator. For one, you can use it for its main purpose of keeping towels dry and warm. Secondly, you can have a warm bathroom all year round. And yes, despite cold winter nights, your bathroom will still be as toasty as you want it to be.

You can check out QBIC’s best-selling central heating towel radiator, the Eversley Polished Chrome Towel Radiator, as one of your options if you’re in the market for one. Its well-spaced racks can accommodate larger towels and are able to dry them off efficiently. 

Practicality-wise, being able to use a towel radiator to dry off several towels in one go is a huge plus. This way you’ll save both energy and time if you want to have warm towels.

You also don’t have to worry about this towel radiator disturbing the aesthetic of your bathroom. It's got a beautiful chrome finish that looks subtle yet stylish. The whole design is also geared towards being contemporary and functional. If you don’t like having appliances with loud designs in your home, this is perfect for you.

Cost-efficient Electric Towel Radiators

Duel Fuel Towel Radiators Wall Mounted

While it's true that we shouldn’t cheap out on things that we use in our homes and for our family, it would still be better if we can save a little bit on our energy costs. Having functional and excellent heating systems doesn’t mean that it has to run you quite a tab for your electricity bills. QBIC Heating has got a wide range of electric towel radiators.

For this, you’ll be happy to see the selection we have in our store. One of our top-selling electric towel radiators is the Kudox Flat Electric Towel Rails. It has an IP55 rating so it’s safe to use in wet rooms such as bathrooms without causing it any damage. This towel radiator can withstand small splashes and drizzles.

It’s also got a built-in thermostat to help you control the heat it produces. This can depend on the size of the towels you put on it. It's also has a fixed temperature electrical cartridge element. In addition, a thermal fuse safety feature is also included in the set.

To top it all off, this electric towel radiator comes in several power configurations. Depending on your need, you can opt to purchase either the 150W, 250W, 400W, or 600W configuration.

Safe Towel Radiators

Safe LST Towel Radiators For Childrens Rooms

QBIC Heating cares about your family’s safety and overall well-being. That’s why our range of bathroom towel radiators also have Low Surface Temperature (LST) options. Warming your bathroom and keeping your towels dry should be a safe activity. And with our LST line of towel radiators, you can surely leave your towels to dry off worry-free.

Our Platinum Chrome LST Towel Radiator is an excellent choice for those who have kids in their homes. This stylish chrome-colored towel radiator can only be operated at a maximum of 43 degrees celsius to keep in line with the low-temperature feature. It’s also manufactured with high-quality steel and sturdy construction that will last you for a long time. The components used for this all comply with British standards to make them ready for heavy usage. 

This towel radiator also comes with a 10-year guaranteed coverage, 2 years for its element.


Heated towel radiators, as compact as they are, can be extremely useful for your household. It provides warmth and comfort for your bathrooms and can be really helpful during cold nights. When choosing your towel radiator, keep in mind the following important features: safety, efficiency, and space.

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