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  1. Model C Hairdryer
    Model C Hairdryer
    • Use in Leisure centres
    • use in wet area's
    • Vandal resistant
    • available in pushbutton or coin operated
    • Easily set drying time
    £299.52 £249.60
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Hair Dryers

Getting the right styling for your hair is one of the most important factors for many ladies and some guys. And if you are running a spa or even a hotel these room accessories are crucial for your patrons. QBIC Heating is committed to providing the hospitality industry with the widest range of commercial and retail Hair Dryers in the market.

Hair Dryers for All Applications

For many in the hospitality industry, the planning of the bathroom is as crucial as the planning of any other service in your establishment. And if you are looking to make your spa or hairdresser stand out in the market you need the right equipment. For this, you need reliable and high-tech hair dryers.

Our catalog includes the best brands in the industry like Valera, Hotello, and Solis as well as Levante. These brands have proven their ability to provide you with high powered airflow and heat to deliver the best hair drying experience for you and your clients. The complement of top-quality hair dryers in the catalog includes handheld hair dryers and wall-mounted units. The hand-held hair dryers are designed with strong outer structures to give you all day long operation especially in heavy use environments like leisure centers and salons.

Wall-mounted hairdryers are perfectly suited for more commercial use, such in hotels and motels, and will give your client strong airpower with sturdy construction. They also offer you easy maintenance and installation, which makes them excellent for use in these environments.

With up to 2000W of air and heating power, these hair dryers quite possibly will make the difference in a great customer experience or not. Your salon earns its revenue based on great styling by your hairdressers and the power to deliver the perfect curl or style. For that, they need the right products and of course a great hair dryer that will help create the style your clients want.

Coin Operated Hair Dryers

The health and leisure industry also have a unique option for their businesses. Our coin operated hair dryers offer multiple sized coin mechanisms and strong reliable motors. The adjustable timer gives you the ability to manage the time your clients can use the hair dryers.

Accessories and Much More

QBIC Heating has the best hair dryers and accessories in the market in our catalog. This means that if you are looking to upgrade or refit your club or hotel, we are ready to help you. just browse our extensive range and you will find the right hair dryers for your business. And if you are looking for parts and accessories for your business’s hair dryers, we have got you covered.

So, get your Hair Dryers and Accessories from QBIC Heating and you won't have any “mis-styled” clients ever again. We give you the Price Match Guaranty that our prices are the best and if you get the same product for a better price, we will match it!