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  1. Fly Shield Solo Plus with Standard Lamp
    Fly Shield Solo Plus with Standard Lamp
    • Discreet Fly Killer
    • Free Standing
    • Coverage approx 90 sq.m
    • Manufactured in UK
    £71.38 £59.48
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Insect-a-clear fly killers are some of the most effective, easy-to-use, and low-cost solutions for pests on the market today. Handling a business or managing an establishment is already a heavy task. Having insects around can surely make it a bit harder for everyone. That’s why installing fly killers can spell all the difference in the world.

Not having to worry about sanitary problems brought about by flies and other insects can definitely free you and your employees up to focus more on serving your customers. That’s why having a reliable partner in pest control is highly important.

Insect-a-Clear, being an industry leader, has been the choice of several businesses across the UK. Most of which belong to the hospitality industry. A number of establishments in the medical field also trust in Insect-a-Clear in keeping their premises free from bugs and other insects to avoid contamination.

Using fly killers also saves you a lot of time and effort in keeping your space clean. Some business owners are content with using aerosol sprays in keeping flies away from their space. While this can be effective, it might not be the most efficient way of doing things. 

With fly killers, you no longer run the risk of inhaling possibly harmful chemicals from sprays. There would also be no unpleasant smell unlike using sprays which can irritate some people’s noses. Lastly, Insect-a-Clear also has discreet fly killer lamp options so they don’t clash with your interior design.

Being priced significantly lower than what’s offered in the market, Insect-a-Clear fly killers also bring value for money. Business owners tend to look for ways to cut costs without having to sacrifice the effectiveness and performance of their appliances. In the long run, installing Insect-a-Clear fly killers will save you more.

Maintenance will also not be an issue with these devices. Consumables such as glue boards are readily available in QBIC’s online store.

Brand Overview and History

Insect-a-Clear is a brand under the Bower Products Ltd. company. Bower is a family-owned manufacturing company that mainly produces products for households and businesses, especially in the hospitality, pest control, and hygiene industry. Quality has always been the top priority of Bower Products and has therefore resulted in them being one of the well-known names in the UK.

Their market stretches across Europe and has helped several establishments improve the experience they provide to their customers. Their product consists of appliances that help with pest control, sanitation, and air sterilisation. As a result, most of their products can also be seen in several homes in the UK.

What helped Bower in its success is its decision to invest heavily in research. Through data, they are able to find out what the market truly needs and find the right solutions for it. This way, Bower is able to maintain its position in the industry and continue to be one of the top brands for pest control and sanitation products.

Ever since the company started in 1984, they’ve always remained to be run by the family that founded it. Because the decision-making process within their organisation isn’t complicated, they’re able to innovate and be more agile. The flexibility in making adjustments in their direction has always been one of the strengths of their company. This is something that most huge corporations don’t have.

Bower Products Ltd. is also a major player in the specialist equipment market. They manufacture devices for other businesses in the hygiene, pest control, and hospitality industry. This has only improved their reputation of being a trusted partner by several companies across the world.

Since their market is beyond the locality of the UK, Bower Products have long created an excellent distribution line. Partnering and building profitable relationships with their distribution partners had a great positive impact on how their company is viewed in the industry.

Fly Killers for Commercial and Domestic Use

Insect-a-Clear produces versatile products to serve a wider market. That’s why their devices are designed to be used for different types of spaces. In line with this, their fly killers can be installed in 3 different ways. 

Depending on the space available in your building, you can opt to place the fly killers on any flat surface like a stand-alone. You can also mount them on a wall - no worries, they’re designed to cater to this method of installation and have attachments for it. You may even suspend them from the ceiling to save even more space.

As you scroll through the product line, you’ll notice that Insect-a-Clear fly killers come in different sizes and orientations. Bigger ones can be effective in covering spaces between 180 to 280 sqm. Their longer lamps produce more UV light that is highly attractive to insects.

If you do have a smaller space, then fly killers the likes of the T50 Fly Killer are more suitable. They’re effective in 60 to 100 sqm. range and do not take up much space in your establishment.

You can also choose between fly killers that use electric grids such as the Compact 15 Fly Killer. They’re easy to clean without having to use special tools in the process. If you’re looking for a more discreet way of killing off insects, you can purchase fly killers that have glue boards. These devices don’t have the typical “zap” sound that electric grids have.

Durable Fly Killers

Longevity is an important aspect that you need to check in the devices that you purchase for your business or even your homes. This translates to lesser costs in maintenance and repairs and would definitely add up to the unnecessary expense you might incur.

To help make their fly killers last long, they made sure to only use high-quality materials. Most of their appliances come in stainless steel to keep them from getting damaged by rust. You also have the option of buying shatter-resistant lamps to improve the safety of your establishment.

In some units, zintec steel is used. This type of steel sheet is electrolytically infused with zinc. This increases the machinability of their appliances. This also creates a layer of protection against oxidation which can damage their items during storage or transport.