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NEW Dimplex Fires Showroom Opens At Qbic

Elevating your living spaces starts by only selecting the best appliances for your home. If you’re in the market for an efficient and safe way to bring warmth to your place, Dimplex is your best choice. There’s a reason why they’ve been a market leader in the heating industry and are still one of the go-to brands for electric fireplaces.

Being in the industry for more than 70 years, Dimplex has consistently been bringing reliable heating equipment to the market. And the reason for the unending loyalty of their clients worldwide stems from the fact that the company is relentless in its pursuit of innovation.

To help you select which models would be perfect for your home, QBIC has included Dimplex fires in our showroom. We showcase several electric fires with different styles, colors, and price points.

Have a quick visit to our showroom and our team will assist you in finding the best Dimplex fire for you.

Dimplex Electric Fires

Dimplex Mozart Suite Electric Fire

As the company progressed, it also started to develop electric fireplaces. Dimplex has created a unique and unparalleled flame technology called the Optimflame® technology. With this innovation, Dimplex has been recognized across the globe as having the “world’s most realistic flame.” You can see it

Dimplex makes it to a point to include several industry leaders to keep ahead of trends. They collaborate with industry groups and government agencies to have a wider viewpoint on energy consumption and build their products based on what they learned through these partnerships. 

Their heating equipment also comes in stylish designs that can suit the look and feel of your home. You have several choices when it comes to electric fireplaces under the Dimplex brand. If you’re not sure which electric fireplace to purchase, you can visit QBIC’s Dimplex Showroom so you can have an actual look at how Dimplex’s fireplaces would look in your home.

We’ll be displaying several electric fires with different designs, accents, and finishes. Because of the wide range of fireplace types, you’ll be sure to find one that will fit what you need based on your budget and space.

Dimplex Wall Mounted Fire

Wall Mounted Dimplex Fire

One of the highlights of our Dimplex showroom is the wall mounted electric fireplaces. The Dimplex IgniteXL Wall Mounted Fire is one of the top-selling heating appliances and for good reason. Its got one of the most realistic fires in the market today and is a highly efficient fireplace. It’s also highly customizable. Depending on what you like, you can cycle through different flame styles. Or if you want, you can also choose a single colour flame.

It also carries the previously mentioned Optimflame® technology to help improve your experience. The IgniteXL also comes with a remote control so you can change its settings from the comfort of your couch. Touch buttons are also available on the fireplace unit itself which stay hidden if you’re not using them.

As a safety feature, the glass display stays cool to the touch throughout the time you’re using the fireplace. It also comes in an edge-to-edge display for a more immersive experience.

Dimplex Electric Stoves

Dimplex Electric Stoves

If you want a more classic approach to your living spaces, Dimplex’s line of electric stoves would be a perfect addition to your setup. It also comes in a compact design so it can fit in tighter spaces that you might want to stick your electric fireplace in. Electric stoves typically come in smaller sizes compared to their other counterparts.

One of our best-selling electric stoves is the Dimplex Bari Optiflame Electric Stove. It comes with a plug-and-play design which makes it easy to install and operate. You just have to find a location that has a plug socket and you’re good to go. With a gentle burst of heat, you’ll feel the warmth slowly spread.

Just like the other products in their fireplace lineup, this heater also has Optiflame® technology integrated. You can choose between two heat settings depending on your need. A choice between 1kW or 2kW settings is available. It also has low-energy LED lighting to be more cost-efficient without sacrificing its performance.

Note that this type of electric fire appliance is best used in a well-insulated room and should be used occasionally.

Dimplex Inset Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Inset Electric Fire

Modern houses require modern solutions, too. And when it comes to heating, inset fireplaces are an excellent option. If you like the traditional look of fireplaces, you should look at the Dimplex Danville Optimyst. This inset electric fireplace takes cues from classic fireplaces for its exterior design. 

It also comes with the Optimyst technology which helps in making the look of their flame more realistic. A smoke effect is also incorporated in the whole fireplace to make it lifelike.

Since inset fireplaces are installed into walls, this is perfect for homes with limited space. In comparison to other wall mounted fires, they are smaller in height and length. This specific model comes in a 620mm height and 520mm length. And it only weighs around 15.5 kgs.

On top of having a wide array of choices finishes, this inset fireplace also has an optical illusion that creates a three-dimensional fire effect. This is achieved by creating an ultra-fine water mist that works synchronically with its under fuel bed lighting to make the illusion.

Dimplex Electric Basket Fires

Dimplex Silverton Optimyst Electric Basket Fire

Dimplex also values how your whole room looks. Empty spaces can look dull if you don’t have any decors you put in them. For this, electric basket fires are the perfect way to elevate your living space and bring the whole room together.

This electric fire basket is for aesthetic purposes only and doesn’t produce heat for your room. However, Dimplex still went all out for this appliance. It has Optimyst technology much like the inset fireplace. Create a warm and cosy ambiance in your room all year round with this fire basket.

All these items above are available in our Dimplex Showroom and can give you a real-life experience as to what you’ll get if you have one of these technologically advanced and cost-efficient electric fires in your homes.

A safer and more customizable solution to heating is available near you - come visit QBIC’s showroom!

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