Zip Contract Point of Use Water Heater

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  • External temperature control
  • Impact resistant
  • 5 or 10 litre capacity
  • External temperature control
  • Range of 35ºC – 80ºC
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The Zip Contract has been discontinued and replaced by the Zip Tudor 4 Over Sink Water Heater

If you purchase from this listing you will be sent the superseded model.

The ever popular Zip Contract range of open outlet vented water heaters offer hot waters to a single point of use. Supplied with swivel arm, full external temperature control they are the ideal solution for economical oversink applications. 

Designed with impact and corrosion resistant, easy clean, white plastic casing insulated with high density CFC-free polyurethane foam they are supplied in a choice of 5 or 10 litre capacities.

Being displacement type water heaters the hot water flow is controlled by the rate at which cold water enters the vessel. They can be connected either to the cold water main or fed from an overhead cold water cistern (minimum head 3 metres).

Being fully automatic the Contract II may be left switched on under the control of the thermostat, however this means that the unit remains potentially ‘LIVE’ when the selector is set to ‘0’. The unit can only be switched off (isolated) by operating the double pole isolating switch to isolate the heater unit from the power supply.

The stored hot water is delivered from an open outlet spout (supplied with overbasin models) or a Zip approved open outlet vented tap. This type of fitting is permanently open to the atmosphere which allows the expansion of water, that occurs during the heating cycle, to be safely discharged. During the heating cycle, drips will form and fall from the delivery spout or tap and these will cease when the cycle has been completed and the stored water temperature has reached the level set by the user.

The higher the temperature selected the greater the rate of expansion. Overtightening of the inlet water control valve or tap will not prevent the drips that occur, but may cause damage to the valve or tap.

Temperature Control : The operating temperature range is 35-80°C.

To protect the water heater against frost the temperature control setting may be positioned at ‘* ‘ when a stored water temperature of 5°C will be maintained. NOTE - the protection does not extend to connecting pipework or fittings.

The economy setting ‘E’ will maintain the stored water temperature at approximately 60°C. At the ‘E’ setting the temperature control locates into a set position and slight resistance will be felt when rotating the temperature control beyond this setting. This is a safety measure to ensure that higher temperatures are deliberately selected.


Product Code C2/50 C2/100
Nominal supply voltage 1/N/PE 230V~
Power rating (kW) 1.8
Rated Current (A) 7.8
Element type
Embedded Rod
Maximum supply pressure  0.35MPa (3.5 bar)*
Temp. Adjustment range  35°C~80°C
Capacity   5 Litre 10 Litre
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 390x255x215 440x310x265
Minimum weight (kg) (Empty) 3.5 4.0
Maximum weight (kg) (Full)) 8.5 14.0
Rated volume (litres) 5 10
Water connections (BSP) 1/2”
Protection class IP24

All data quoted at nominal supply voltage.

For higher supply pressures it is recommended that a Zip AQ3 (set at 3.5 bar) pressure reducing valve is used.

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