Radbot 1 Intelligent Thermostatic Radiator Valve

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  • Frost protection
  • Intelligent pre heat
  • Damp protection
  • Energy efficiency
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Intelligent thermostatic valve 

The Radbot 1 is an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve, that optimizes the heat pattern and adjusts to how you use a room, to keep you warm and save energy. The innovative artificial intelligence algorithm in the unit detects and predicts the occupancy patterns, meaning it will match the heating to the occupancy of any room. With the Radbot 1 there is no need for apps, smart thermostats, or setting complex schedules. It is also easy to install yourself, so need for an engineer or electrician and saves you money and hassle, by taking only a few minutes to install.


  • Frost protection
  • Intelligent pre heat
  • Autonomous occupancy driven scheduling
  • Whisper mode - quiet night-time operation
  • Weekly decalcination cycle
  • Boost button - temporary temperature override
  • Runs on 2 standard AA batteries
  • Damp protection
  • 2-year battery life
  • Easy to install - no wiring or plumbing required
  • Energy efficient - up to 30% heat energy savings
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Simple and intuitive user controls
  • Set and forget
  • No requirement for WiFi or App
  • Cost-effective SAP points for part L
  • Energy Company Obligation eligible measure


SKU Height Width Depth Weight IP Rating
RADBOT1 90mm 55mm 55mm 164g IP30