Dimplex Quantum RF Heater

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  • Updated iQ controller
  • Intelligent automatic charge calculation
  • Lot 20 compliant
  • Frost protection
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Dimplex Quantum RF


The Dimplex Quantum RF slimline heater is perfect for heating commercial and residential properties. The quantum range has some of the world's most advanced technology hidden inside its compact design. It has a colour coded target temperature display, which aids those who are visually impaired. Readings and preset options are easily accessible, incorporating a real time clock and calendar function. It is cheaper alternative to most other heaters, with it being 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage system and up to 47% than an electric convector or radiator system. The Quantum iQ controller constantly monitors the room and learns your habits. It is able to anticipate future temperature and adapt accordingly to save energy and bring costs down. The slimline heater also has an inbuilt fan which assists heat dispersion, which ensures even warmth throughout. It has a weekly programme that allows you to tailor your heating settings to your schedule for every day. The Quantum features a series of pre-set programmers including holiday mode which can be activated to reduce output and energy wastage when away for extended periods. The child lock setting is perfect for childcare facilities and landlords with student residents. Provides accurate room temperature control using a thermostat accurate to ±0.3˚C, constantly adjusting to the user’s needs through its dynamic storage capacity. The fan-assist provides rapid temperature fluctuation and heat-up, with soft-start and boost elements available. Boost provides powerful heat immediately and can be activated from the digitized control panel. The technologically advanced Quantum is easy to use and attractive offering comfort and effective heating whilst remaining cost-conscious.


  • Modern, stylish design
  • Four-time and temperature settings for each day of the week
  • Updated iQ controller
  • Intelligent automatic charge calculation
  • Lot 20 compliant
  • Boost, advance, and away mode functions 
  • Frost protection
  • Pin-locking
  • Optional rotary dial control
  • BEAB approved
  • SAP accredited
SKU Height(mm) Width(mm) Depth(mm) Heats up to Power  Weight W/O Cells(kg) Weight With Cells (kg) Cells Required
QM050RF 730mm 580mm 185mm 5m² 500W 22.7 67 4
QM070RF 730mm 703mm 185mm 7m² 700W 26.1 91 6
QM100RF 730mm 865mm 185mm 10m² 1000W 30 115 8
QM125RF 730mm 1069mm 185mm 12m² 1250W 35.5 142 10
QM150RF 730mm 1069mm 185mm 15m² 1500W 38.5 165 12