DexPro Delux Digital Dehumidifier

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  • LCD display with touch control
  • 24 Hour timer
  • 2 Fan speeds
  • 2 Litre watertank capacity


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Digital Dehumidifier 

2 Litre Water Tank 

Introducing the Delux Digital Dehumidifier, your ultimate solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your home or office space. Equipped with an intuitive LCD display featuring touch control, managing your dehumidifier has never been easier. Set your desired settings effortlessly with just a few taps. With a 24-hour timer function, you have the flexibility to schedule operation according to your preferences, ensuring efficient and convenient moisture control. Choose between two fan speeds to customize the airflow and dehumidification process according to your needs, providing you with maximum comfort and performance. Thanks to its generous 2-litre water tank capacity, the Delux Digital Dehumidifier can effectively extract moisture from the air, reducing humidity levels and creating a healthier indoor environment. For continuous use, the dehumidifier comes with a drainage tube, allowing you to conveniently channel extracted water outside or into a drain.

Featuring dual modes - Auto and Laundry - this dehumidifier is versatile and adaptable to various situations. The Laundry mode is particularly useful for assisting in drying clothes, ensuring they dry quickly and efficiently. Monitor the humidity levels in your space with the built-in humidity indicator, and utilize the target humidity level function to maintain optimal comfort levels. Moreover, the Delux Digital Dehumidifier doubles as an air purifier, thanks to its activated carbon filter, which effectively removes impurities and odours from the air, leaving your space fresh and clean. With the added convenience of castors, you can easily move the dehumidifier from room to room, providing targeted moisture control wherever you need it. Experience superior moisture control and air purification with the Delux Digital Dehumidifier - the perfect solution for a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.


  • LCD display with touch control
  • 24 Hour timer
  • 2 Fan speeds
  • 2 Litre watertank capacity
  • Supplied with drainage tube for continuous use
  • Dual Modes: Auto & Laundry
  • Laundry mode assists when drying clothes
  • Humidity indicator
  • Target humidity level function
  • Air purifier function with activated carbon filter
  • Includes castors
SKU Height Width Depth
DXDH10 480mm 260mm 220mm


Dehumidify Capacity 10L/Day (30CRH80%)
Rated Voltage 220-240VAC
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Power 235W
Tank Capacity 2L
Air Volume 120m3/h
Noise Level 40-45dB(A)
Electrical Protection Class Class I
Ingress Protection IPX1
Refrigerant R290/50g
Net Weight 9kg
Suction Pressure 0.7MPa
Discharge Pressure 3.2MPa