Dune Vertical Designer Radiator

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  • Vertical Designer Radiator
  • 3 Heights Available
  • 2 Widths Available
  • Brushed Stainless, Polished Stainless, RAL Colour & Special Finishes Available
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Designer Radiator

Vertical Fitment

Introducing the Dune Vertical Designer Radiator, a masterpiece of elegant simplicity and timeless proportions. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this radiator exudes sophistication and charm that's impossible to resist. With the Dune Radiator, you have the freedom to choose from a range of stunning finishes, including Brushed Stainless, Polished Stainless, RAL Colour, and Special Finishes. This variety allows you to select the perfect finish that complements your interior style and personal taste.

Tailoring the radiator to your specific space is a breeze, as it's available in different widths: 280mm and 460mm. You can also choose from various heights, including 1600mm, 1800mm, and 2000mm, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into your room. Crafted from durable Stainless Steel Grade 304, this radiator is built to last and comes with a confidence-boosting 25-year guarantee. This long-lasting quality ensures that it not only adds elegance to your space but also delivers efficient heating for years to come.

To enhance functionality and convenience, valves and accessories are also available as optional extras, allowing you to complete your radiator setup with ease. With the Dune Vertical Designer Radiator, you're not just investing in a heating solution; you're adding a touch of timeless elegance and functionality to your living space. Its classic proportions and premium materials make it an irresistible choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

For those who appreciate the beauty of RAL colours and Special Finishes, these options are available on a 7-10 day lead time. This means you can create a truly unique and customized radiator that matches your vision.


  • Vertical
  • High-quality Stainless Steel 
  • Built to Last 
  • Available in Brushed Stainless, Polished Stainless, RAL Colour & Special Finishes
  • Widths Available - 280mm & 460mm
  • Heights Available - 1600mm, 1800mm & 2000mm
  • Material - Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • 25-Year Guarantee on Radiator
  • Please refer to downloads for breakdown of RAL colours and Special Finishes
  • RAL Colours/Special Finishes on a 7-10 day lead time
  • Valves & Accessories also available as an optional extra
DUNE160/5-BS 1600mm 280mm Brushed Stainless 12
DUNE160/5-PS 1600mm 280mm Polished Stainless 12
DUNE160/5-R 1600mm 280mm RAL Colour 12
DUNE160/5-SF 1600mm 280mm Special Finish 12
DUNE160/8-BS 1600mm 460mm Brushed Stainless 18
DUNE160/8-PS 1600mm 460mm Polished Stainless 18
DUNE160/8-R 1600mm 460mm RAL Colour 18
DUNE160/8-SF 1600mm 460mm Special Finish 18
DUNE180/5-BS 1800mm 280mm Brushed Stainless 13
DUNE180/5-PS 1800mm 280mm Polished Stainless 13
DUNE180/5-R 1800mm 280mm RAL Colour 13
DUNE180/5-SF 1800mm 280mm Special Finish 13
DUNE180/8-BS 1800mm 460mm Brushed Stainless 20
DUNE180/8-PS 1800mm 460mm Polished Stainless 20
DUNE180/8-R 1800mm 460mm RAL Colour 20
DUNE180/8-SF 1800mm 460mm Special Finish 20
DUNE200/5-BS 2000mm 280mm Brushed Stainless 15
DUNE200/5-PS 2000mm 280mm Polished Stainless 15
DUNE200/5-R 2000mm 280mm RAL Colour 15
DUNE200/5-SF 2000mm 280mm Special Finish 15
DUNE200/8-BS 2000mm 460mm Brushed Stainless 23
DUNE200/8-PS 2000mm 460mm Polished Stainless 23
DUNE200/8-R 2000mm 460mm RAL Colour 23
DUNE200/8-SF 2000mm 460mm Special Finish 23