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Autofill Boilers

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  1. Zip HydroBoil 40 Litre Instant Water Heater
    Out of stock
    Zip HydroBoil 40 Litre Instant Water Heater
    • Stainless steel boiling tank
    • Super-efficient
    • Easy-to-service
    • 240 cups capacity
    Original Price £3,618.74 Special Price £2,352.18 £1,960.15
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If you are looking for a permeant solution to your boiled water needs then an autofill water boiler is the perfect solution for you. Autofill boiler gives you the benefit of instant boiling water for tea breaks or industrial uses as well as the autofill feature that ensures all day long usage.

Water Boilers

Our autofill boilers offer more than just water boiling convenience. All our models have unique health benefits as well. The autofill boiler is fed water from your main supply with simple plumbing, and because it's wall-mounted you have fewer accidental burns and scalding’s. these autofill boilers also have antibacterial filters to keep your unit bacteria-free and water clean.

The electronic water conditioner ensures that the water from your autofill boiler is clean and less prone to scale. The autofill water boilers also keep your surfaces cleaner with less spillage. Thus, keeping your kitchen or workroom more hygienic and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Catering Water Boilers

If you are thinking that autofill water boilers are just for use in the tea room or kitchen, then you are mistaken. Autofill water boilers can be used in any environment that needs instant water heating on a tap. For the most part autofill, boilers make your team break just a little more convenient. However, the real benefit comes from the energy savings that come from economical heating profiles and electronic temperature control.

Autofill water boilers can also be used in industrial and commercial environments. Applications like industrial water supply and scientific centers can also benefit from having one of our autofill water boilers for their usage. QBIC Heating is proud to be the #1 supplier of all heating and cooling air and water products in the UK.