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Flymatic Fly Killers are one of the best solutions in the market today in killing pests and other pesky insects in your space. They’re highly effective and are designed to have a low-energy consumption operation.

If you are in the market for a new way to solve your insect problems, you came to the right decision of choosing electric fly killers to do the job. In general, these fly traps are known to be efficient in keeping your homes and places of business clean. That’s why they are widely used in offices, restaurants, bars, and other locations where hygiene is a top priority.

If you want to have this level of cleanliness in your place without the hassle of installing expensive and complicated and sometimes ineffective items for killing insects, electric fly killers are perfect for you.

Types Of Flymatic Fly Killers

You’ve got two options for fly killers under the Flymatic brand that we offer here at QBIC - glue boards and ones that have electric killer grids. The main difference between the two is the method of killing off the insects that they attract.

The glue board fly killers, as the name suggests, use boards that are equipped with sticky glue-like material to stop insects from flying once they stick to them. They don’t immediately die since the only thing that glue boards do is keep the insects on the board. However, over time, they do die off and will need frequent cleaning to keep the fly killer sanitary and effective.

A major upside in using glue boards is that the insects are being kept inside the trap. In comparison to electric grids where electricity might kill insects in a non-discreet way. A few zaps here and there could be a bit disruptive to some people.

On the other hand, electric grid fly killers do not need to be serviced that much. This can save you some £££ in operating costs. They also almost immediately eliminate insects safely using electricity.

Brand History and Overview

Flymatic is solely in the business of helping businesses and homes be insect-free using the technology and products that they produce. Part of their goal is to minimize the use of chemicals, sprays, and other possibly harmful products inside homes, offices, food establishments, factories, and other buildings.

That’s why they mainly produce electric-powered fly killers to help realize the company’s goal. Flymatic also made sure that its products are user-friendly. You don’t need a professional electrician or handyman to install their fly killers. Maintenance is also easy - which is how Flymatic designed its products.

The company also values safety and how businesses can properly comply with international hygiene laws. In the UK, food establishments need to comply with a set standard by EU legislation. It stated that every food-related business must have a hygiene plan according to the HACCP principles. This states that establishments must have procedures in place to keep insects out. Flymatic fly killers are an excellent option in making this happen.

As a result, many businesses across the UK and around the world put their trust in Flymatic. They see the effectiveness and robustness of their products and rely on them in keeping their places sanitary.

Not only that, but Flymatic fly killers also keep up with the times in terms of their design. As you can see on their product lineup, you’ll notice that they have a simple and minimalist approach to them. It’s an excellent way of making their fly killers fit in various interior designs without any problems.

This is especially important inside prestigious establishments where every aspect of their establishment has to be perfect - down to the appliances and accessories they use.

User-friendly Fly Killers

As mentioned earlier, FFlymatic fly killers are easy to operate. With a quick installation, it’ll be up and running. Once you turn it on, a bright UV light will then light up. This is what’s going to attract the insects within a given room size.

Flymatic fly killers also have a unique design that helps in attracting more insects making them highly effective in any setting. You can also mount them in several ways - wall-mounted, free-standing, or suspended from a ceiling.

Whenever the fly killers become too dirty from all the insects it traps and kills, you can easily clean its tray in a quick manner. You don’t need any special tools to do a maintenance cleaning on their insect killers. It can be easily opened and the UV light bulbs can be quickly replaced.

If you’re wondering when you should replace the UV lights bulbs, Flymatic suggests doing so once a year. Or approximately 8,000 hours of usage. The bulbs usually deteriorate at this point and will then be a bit less effective in attracting insects.

Depending on your area, you can choose to change the UV light bulb during peak insect season. This is usually during the months of March and April. That way, when this season comes, you’ll have a fresh set of bulbs.

How To Properly Install Flymatic Fly Killers?

There are some factors you need to consider before deciding where and how you’re going to position your fly killers. Since they’re mostly reliant on the light produced by the UV light bulbs, it’s important you don’t position them somewhere that has competition. Examples of these are windows and places where chandeliers and other bright lights are installed.

If your establishment has a food preparation area, install the fly killers away from it. When insects are killed by the electric grid, insect parts might contaminate the food. 

This also applies to other areas where extremely high sanitary conditions are needed. However, glue boards can be used this way and still be effective in keeping your space hygienic.

Flymatic also suggests you install your fly killers near entry points of insects. This way, you can trap the insects before they come flying inside your building.

As a general rule, it’s best if you install them around 2 meters from the place you want to keep insect-free. If you do have a large space to cover, you can opt to purchase and install several fly killers for them to be effective.