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Air Force

The Airforce range of hand dryers is one of the best-known ranges on the UK market. As a top of the range product, it comes with all of the features you might expect; SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection provides a high level of hygiene and an impressive fast air delivery rate that ensures that hands are dry in just 12 seconds to prevent bacterial cross-contamination. It has low running costs and will dry your hands thoroughly in seconds. These products require little maintenance to run.

Simple to install and in an attractive modern design, these units will not only meet your current needs but may well outlast more costly options. 

Professional Washroom 

Cleaning your hands is easier with the Airforce hand dryer. Thanks to powerful air movement and better drying efficiency, it's not only faster but drier than ever before. The units come with a sleek design, on-demand operation and energy-saving features. These high-speed hand dryers are a small investment that saves big on maintenance costs, promotes cleanliness and keeps restrooms looking sharp and professional. And, you'll be amazed how quiet our hand dryers are when compared to other leading brands, making them perfect for educational institutions, hospitals or churches.

Our hand dryers are the quietest and most hygienic in the industry.

Save both Time and Money

It's the no-touch hand dryer meaning there is no need for contact with any germ-laden handles; it uses a small amount of water and dries quickly, saving you both time and money. Keep costs down while offering your customers exceptional hygiene levels with Airforce's range of hand dryers. Our products provide a cost-effective, simple and hygienic way to meet your building's hand drying needs.

The Airforce range provides fast, economical and high-quality drying of washroom hands. It is done with perfect artistry, sleek design, and reliable performance. Rapidity, good characteristics of hands drying, and the latest technology guarantees users' comfort for high-speed motor and system of tips control. The wide choice of models will satisfy any requirement of a modern washroom, ensuring an elegant and stylish unit that will provide total peace of mind by its 3-year on-site guarantee.

The unique design efficiently dries hands in half the time of conventional hand dryers with a motor speed. This, combined with its low air consumption, means it will quickly pay for itself through reduced energy costs.

Durable and Hygienic

Built for durability and lasting service, Airforce products, including hand dryers, are the solution to your hand drying needs. Automatic sensor activation using infrared sensors means you can wave your hands under the dryer without touching buttons. Scalloped aluminium baffle directs and magnifies air, so there is no need to worry about getting wet when you try to get your hands drip-dry. They also feature SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection on all plastic parts, which reduces the growth and spread of pathogens like germs, viruses, and bacteria. Also, this surface protection feature lets the Airforce hand dryer provide more hygienic by accelerating the process of disinfection.

Airforce hand dryers know that you are busy. That's why they focus on performance and convenience while maintaining superior durability and security. Their hand dryers are equipped with a quiet motor and high-velocity air, resulting in fast drying times. The Air Force hand dryers are easy to use. When your hands are wet, simply place them under the sensor and the sens on-off button for hands-free operation. It's as simple as that! 

High-Quality Hand Dryers

Airforce hand dryers feature a sleek design to guarantee a flush fit in any setting and are high on the list of aesthetically pleasing items. These are small details that make significant differences in performance. These hand dryers will also help you save water since it boasts a power-efficient pump with a 10-12 seconds dry time. Our products are created to meet and exceed health and safety standards. We strive to provide the best customer satisfaction

Any hand dryer is convenient, but one with antibacterial protection? That's going to be a bit more effective, and more importantly, sanitary. And you won't be touching it with your hands at all; it'll take care of everything. Comes in white or black—which matches your decor best? Get your Airforce today!